Liberty Village Painters

Professional Painters for Liberty Village. Are you looking for professional painters to paint your condo in Liberty Village? Would you consider hiring Ecopainting? We love painting condos and our customers keep telling us how happy they are with the service that they receive. Our customers include condo and townhouse owners, businesses even a condominium building. Liberty Village is a revitalized and vibrant neighbourhood in the south west of Toronto. It is situated between King Street Read More >>


The time we were painting the Lululemon stores. It was 2008 when we received a call from Center Line Design and Construction in Florida. Paul from Centerline was inquiring about painting the retail stores of Lululemon in Toronto. In 2008 Lululemon was this trendy, yoga-inspired, apparel company. They had locations in major shopping malls and some busy street locations. We agreed to quote and we ended up painting most of their GTA locations.They were in Read More >>

Removing Old Wallpaper

Removing Old Wallpaper is full of surprises. Part I – The Removal This blog is about removing old wallpaper from a 125 year old house. The main hallway, stairway & landing, were covered with that old wallpaper. It was a difficult decision for the homeowners to decide whether to remove the wallpaper from the old plastered walls, or simply put in new drywall and just paint the house. They really wanted to maintain the integrity Read More >>

Painting Townhouse Complex

Painting Service of Condominium Townhouse Complex and Co-op When painting a townhouse and housing complex, we paint it for a property manager or directly for the board of directors. The board of directors is elected by the condo owners and is ultimately accountable to them. When the customer is a large group of people, keeping them all happy is more than just making their home look nice. Right from the start, we set expectations with Read More >>

Free Paint Giveaway

Paint Giveaway 2017 – Sharing paint with our Local Community With cool and crisp weather on the way, Ecopainting hosted the first Paint Giveaway of 2017 on March 4, 2017. The idea behind the event was to give away unused cans of paint and also engage with our local community. Whether people wanted to reinvent their living room or freshen up a room in their home, we wanted to make sure there was free paint for Read More >>

Right Colour For The Office

The Right Colour for Your Toronto Offices. Colour is a powerful tool for designing a productive work environment. When humans are exposed to certain colours, certain physiological changes occur. The right colour choice can enhance employee creativity and maximize office productivity. It might even reduce stress and invigorate our spirit. Office Painting starts as facility maintenance but it can be so much more than that. You have to paint anyway, it doesn’t cost much more Read More >>