How To Caulk

Interior and Exterior Caulking – How to do it professionally Caulking is used to fill the gaps between two different or similar materials. Painters value prep-work as the foundation of a professional paint job. As trade skills go, caulking, like patching, is a skill that new painters tend to overlook. In a way, it’s understandable, since a new painter wants to get to the brush and the roller as quickly as possible. Prep work is usually not Read More >>

Patching Drywall Training

Drywall Repair, Patching and Taping – A Free Training Event by Ecopainting There are many YouTube videos about how to do anything these days and you can find step by step instructions for any DIY task. When we decided to host our Drywall taping and patching event we didn’t know what response we would get from our community. Ecopainting had free educational and community events before with various degrees of success. We called this one Read More >>

Painting In Riverdale

Painting the Exteriors of Riverdale Homes and Local Businesses Are you looking for local painters to paint your home in Riverdale? Maybe you are a business owner thinking that the exterior of your establishment could use some sprucing up? We think you should consider hiring Ecopainting. We love painting in Riverdale and our customers are ecstatic with the service that they receive. During the last twenty years we have painted homes, stripped and stained decks, Read More >>

Painting Suggestions For Smaller Bathrooms

Painting Small Bathrooms – How to make them look bigger ? Small bathrooms can be a pain to deal with.  If you as a homeowner are planning a residential painting project, optimizing the use of existing space is probably one of your major concerns. A home can certainly use more area, but in situations where it isn’t feasible to expand an existing bathroom, one of the ways you can make a small bathroom look larger Read More >>

Lighting And Colour

Lighting and Colour when Decorating a Home Artificial or natural light will affect the appearance and final look of any freshly painted home. Take a can of paint, and paint two rooms with it – one that gets ample sunshine and another one that doesn’t. If you use a warm red or yellow paint in a room that has a north-facing window, it will look brighter and help with the bluish hue of a lighting Read More >>

North York Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting of North York House – Natalie’s story. North York is a beautiful area to explore if you are in one of its neighbourhoods. There are a number of well designed, luxurious homes worthy of being featured in a magazine. Ecopainting gets a number of painting jobs in North York every summer, many of them being exterior. The residents here take pride in their homes and keep the exteriors well maintained. We have done work Read More >>

What Colour To Paint Your Kitchen

What Colour Are You Thinking of Painting the Kitchen? Interior renovation projects frequently include choosing new paint colours for the walls as well. Once you are done deciding colours for the main rooms, it is time to choose colours for the kitchen. Painting the walls is one of the simplest ways to make the most used room of a home stand out. Before you hit the local paint store, take a breath, relax and think Read More >>

Decorating With Accent Walls

Using an Accent Wall to Decorate a Room With so many paint colour choices available these days, picking a bold, fun colour for a room in your home is very tempting. However, making a bold colour fit in with the rest of your room’s décor, can be overwhelming for the space. What is the solution? Use that colour as an accent wall. It seems that every second residential project we do includes painting an accent Read More >>