Painting Closets

Painting the Closets of your Home So much is written about interior painting but very little is discussed online about painting the closets. For some of us, a closet is just a storage space and a convenient place to keep our clothes. Nobody ever sees them, right? Emptying the closets just for painting them seems to be a big hustle. What is someone to do with the contents when the painters are here? The closet Read More >>

Church Painting

Painting Contractors for Church Interiors and Exteriors in Toronto Ecopainting offers interior and exterior painting services for churches and other places of worship. Because of their architecture, more often than not, churches are challenging projects for commercial painters to paint. The biggest interior challenge is the height of the ceilings and walls, and the ability to access them safely. On the outside, the same architecture presents similar height access issues with high steeples, windows and Read More >>

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

View more Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing & Painting – The Smart Alternative to Buying New Do you ever walk into your kitchen and continue to tell yourself you need to do something with your cabinets? How about painting your kitchen cabinets? Maybe they look dull or just dated. Old wood cabinets that were once your favourite feature don’t quite fit your home interior decor any more. Just because you don’t like them, does not always mean Read More >>

Women And Painters Pants

Women Painters Dealing with the Painter`s Pants Issue. Ladies Painters Pants or Small Painters pants?  Working as a painter comes with its challenges and perks, as do almost all jobs. One of the most frustrating challenges when I started at my painting job was the mandatory painters pants. I’m not saying that as a painter you have to be fashionable, but I think you should at least be comfortable. I’ve tried three different painters pants Read More >>

Wasps Dangerous For Painters

Are Wasps a Safety Hazard for Painters? When I was on the field and painting exteriors, I had numerous encounters with wasps and their nests. Considering that I was painter for 20 years, I find it incredible that I was never stung by one. I was painting high on ladders right next to active nests, I even had wasps land on my arms. I actually had to wait for them to move over so that Read More >>

Painting Dark Colours

Don’t Be Afraid of Using Dark Colours for Your Walls We see and paint a number of new and almost new homes and condominiums. Subdivision after subdivision, our residential painters have been exposed to a worrisome level of builder’s beige. Beige is the colour that graces almost all new construction houses, apartments and condominiums! Beige is a safe colour but almost always dull, boring, and uninspiring. What options do you have? Two actually! The first Read More >>