Ecopainting is a Commercial Toronto painter. We offer a range of painting services from office painting to property management coatings maintenance. Commercial clients want peace of mind when hiring qualified painters and contractors. Peace of mind means different things to different people. What most business owners want, is predictability. They want the contractor to take care of all the details. A well managed company has systems in place to make this happen. And it needs to happen job after job, client after client. We welcome you to browse through our client list. It’s an extensive list of all the companies we serviced.

What are the Benefits of a Great Painting Job.

A well maintained place is a good place to work. We think often about decorating and painting our home. Yet, we spend most of our awake time working. Should we not feel comfortable in our work surroundings? People work better in a clean and well maintained environment. Most commercial space sees a lot of activity and wear & tear. Common areas like hallways get beat up with equipment and people going through it. A bright fresh coat of paint can do wonders in raising employee morale. Business and property owners know that certain colours improve productivity and others enhance creative thinking. The colour selection process itself is a fun team building activity.

A well thought out painting job will make you look good to your customers. A company invests a lot of money in branding and marketing. Does the business space portray the brand the same way? Is the look consistent with the feel of the website and other marketing materials? Retail stores in particular use paint colour to showcase their products. This is not any different for restaurants, sports and concert venues and hotels. Customers know you care about them if your facility is clean and pleasant.

Choosing the right Commercial Painting Contractor

Which GTA painting company can handle your project without inconveniencing your clients or staff? Ecopainting has all the qualifications to be the right company. But qualifications don’t go far if there is no field experience. Training and management systems is what delivers a predictable customer experience. Some painting projects are small and last one day. Some jobs such as property management painting can go on for weeks. Every customer is different but to us customer service is the same concept for everyone.

What Ecopainting has that most Contractors do not:

  • Eco-friendly painting and practices means less down time during the job.
  • We do not use subcontractors.
  • Trained, uniformed and well managed crews.
  • Paint dealer and national rep support.
  • Detailed proposals and specifications.
  • Clear work orders and colour schedule.
  • We follow manufacturer specifications.
  • Safety training and certifications.
  • WSIB coverage and 5 Million liability insurance.

Are you painting a School or an educational facility?

In an institution, the customer is a patient or a student. Sometimes our customers are public facilities like museums. Sometimes we paint bus depots and train stations. The painting part may be the similar but there are other considerations. Scheduling difficulties, regulations, even the procurement process is different. An experienced  contractor has systems in place to address these concerns. For example, painting schools is better done during the summer. A museum may need last minute help just before an exhibit. Care facilities may need painting while in full operation. Patients and their visitors have serious issues and concerns. Whether they are there by choice or not, their comfort is priority. Rooms and hallways need to be clean and safe.
Ask your Paint Contractor for a list of medical facilities they painted. Ask them for some contact numbers. A little due diligence before hiring can prevent all kinds of nightmares.

Painting for General Contractors

Sometimes a business hires a general contractor to take care of their renovations. The general contractor hires sub-trades to do the work. Ecopainting worked in a few projects  as a painting subcontractor. Most of the work involved new construction such as wall partitions, and new space. This usually happens with the business operating in full capacity. The general contractor tries to keep a tight schedule for all trades. A subcontractor is only a small piece of the renovation puzzle.

Question: Should the Landlord pay for the Paint Job?

Repairs and maintenance are usually the responsibility of the tenant. The lease will cover this in detail and little is left to interpretation. Terms like “reasonable wear and tear” or “structural repairs” don’t go into much detail. At the end of the day, most landlords will not paint a tenanted facility. There are however some occasions, that the landlord will paint the commercial space:

Structural repairs caused the painting. “Structural” means what holds a building together. This can be the foundation, the floor, the roof and other structures. New partition walls or changing the carpet is not a structural repair. Paint is mostly decorative and a landlord will not pay for it. However they will likely pay for the paint job if the structural damage and repair caused it.

Painting before leasing. Finding a good tenant is difficult. Sometimes vacancy rates are high. Landlords want to market their space to as many good prospects as possible. A new paint job will make the space more attractive and is a good investment. It might even  command higher rent.

Keeping a good tenant. A vacant space is expensive to carry. If a landlord has a good relationship with the tenant they will try to keep them from moving. Especially if they are well known or national brands. Well known brands increase the value of a property and are difficult to replace.

Repair and maintenance reasons. Regular maintenance will prevent deterioration and future expenses. Exterior painting, caulking and pressure washing is usually the responsibility of the landlord. The building owner usually maintains Interiors such as stairways, hallways and other common areas. Well maintained buildings are a great place to do business in.

Customer Feedback and testimonials

Certifications, insurance and other documentation helps a business choose the right painting company. Can a company also document their customer experience? Testimonials, comments and reviews are helpful. Why not ask to see the contractor’s client list and even some contact information. Ecopainting’s client list is extensive and contact information is available just for the asking.

The following are two meaningful testimonials from two of our clients. The first was from a letter we received from Sylvia. Sylvia opened a store in the fashionable Yorkville area of Toronto. She goes into detail and shares her experience with Ecopainting. The second testimonial is by Liz, who works for Harkel Office Furniture. We painted their office headquarters in Vaughan. We went back to do more work for them since. Being a B2B company, they recommended us to some of their clients.

“As an owner of a retail store, I know and appreciate the true value of a great product and exceptional customer service. Which is why I feel compelled to commend Ecopainting for the great product and service value they have provided me. I contracted Ecopainting to paint a retail space I leased in Yorkville. I knew from the start that it would need a lot of work. The walls had holes and the baseboards were covered with wires that had been painted over many times in the past and now looked like hard globs of stucco. The transformation is unbelievable to anyone who was familiar with this space before. Through dedicated professionalism, their painters transformed what was a disaster zone, into a bright, spacious and glamorous boutique worthy of displaying designer jewellery in Toronto’s Yorkville neighbourhood. From fixing and preparing the walls, to consulting me on suitable colour and Painting techniques, to the cleanup, Ecopainting surpassed my expectations at every turn, and that is what a truly great product and exceptional customer service is about”
Thank you. Silvia C. retail store painting in Yorkville.

“From my first email to your company and your fast and efficient reply I have been impressed w/the professionalism and competence shown by Ecopainting. George came to see me right away, discussed what we needed done and made valuable suggestions. Jennifer and Torrie were efficient, pleasant and did not interfere at all w/the running of our office while doing their job. Their attention to detail on what needed doing and after care to our facilities was terrific. I also totally appreciated the fact that George was on site everyday to answer questions and address any issues. I am satisfied with the work completed by Ecopainting Inc. and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone for their painting needs”
Liz S. for Herkel Office furniture retailer, Vaughan location.

Commercial Painting Services

  • Interior and Exterior Painting
  • Wallcovering removal and installation
  • Concrete Floor finishing
  • Elevator door painting
  • Car dealership and showroom painting
  • Schools and gymnasiums
  • Care facilities, doctor’s offices and Laboratories
  • Apartment and condo painting


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