Painting for resale purposes.

Painting for Resale purposes is great value. It must drive some Real Estate agents crazy. They have the buyers, and they have to show them the home of their dreams. They take their clients to home after home, hoping to find the right one. The problem is, some of these homes are not very tastefully decorated, the paint on the walls looks dirty, paint is flaking, there are cracks everywhere and that high gloss avocado green in the kitchen looks a bit dated. The term used to describe it would be: “It doesn’t show well.”

House prices in the Toronto area are still climbing.

Not just in the Forest Hill, Rosedale or Bridle Path neighbourhoods. Million dollar homes are now everywhere, even that modest mid town, Leaside or Beaches home is heading there. Million dollar condominiums are everywhere from Harbourfront to North York.

The following is what the Canadian Housing and Mortgage Corporation C.M.H.C. is suggesting are the home renovations with the greatest payback potential:

Painting the interior of a home seems to be one of the most cost effective way to increase its resale value A fresh coat of paint (or two) will give a house that clean, well maintained look.

How much painting should be done?

If done professionally, surfaces can be repaired of cracks, holes, even old water damage can be repaired. If you think of doing it yourself or hiring the cheapest painter around, think again. Homebuyers are more knowledgeable today than ever. A quick “whitewash” paint job for the sale may have the opposite than the desired effect. A bad paint job can be a big problem. Drips on the walls, messy cutting lines and even worse, splattered paint on wood floors or carpets could make an otherwise nice home look cheap. A good paint contractor knows that the most important part of painting is preparation work. Surfaces need to be washed, patched and sanded. Lack of prep work not only looks bad, but will give the impression of trying to hide something under a paint job.

What colours help the resale?

By keeping the colours fairly neutral, the possible buyers of a home will feel comfortable that after moving in, their furniture will fit right in without re-painting. Not everything has to be a builder’s white but avoid making statements with the colours. Staying away from trendy colours is a good idea. If the house is old with a lot of character, modern, trendy colours will do a disservice to it. Some paint manufacturers have an extensive palette of Historical colours. If the home happens to be a trendy downtown condo or a functional Toronto loft, painting it with modern cooler colours may be preferable.

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