Toronto Painters with Commercial & Residential Services

Ecopainting is a company of Toronto painters offering commercial & residential services. What drives our company is our commitment to the community, the environment and our painters. To our customers, we promise a nightmare free service. We back that promise with hundreds of signed testimonials and reviews. To make this possible, we use our own professional painters and never use sub-contractors.

For the last 20 years we serviced the interior and exterior of buildings and homes. We painted offices, condos and apartments throughout the GTA. Our customers include well known designers, property managers and real estate professionals.

You are Looking for Commercial Painters/Commercial Painting Contractors. What Should your Expectations be?

Expect the contractor to be professional and best Painter Toronto wide. Ask about their procedures and staff policies. Bring forward any concerns you might have and ask to address them. Ask them about the products they use, even request Technical Data Sheets. Ask about their environmental policies, their procedures and policies.

“Our warehouse in Markham needed a lot of work and most of it was done after business hours. Your painters were professional, hardworking and always helpful. We will be using Ecopainting again and feel free to use us as a reference” Cindy R. Commercial Painting in Markham.

“I had a chance to go and see and the finished product looks great. I have been amazed at how little disruption it was, with the painting going on during business hours. I think it is a testament to the quality of work of you and your staff. Thanks.”  Marion C. Building owner on Broadview Avenue.

Why Ecopainting – Best Painters Toronto? We can handle projects of all sizes, even important public buildings. Take some time to see our extensive list of clients. Our staff is uniformed, trustworthy and can work after business hours. For your peace of mind we carry 5 million Liability Insurance and provide proof of WSIB and Safety Certifications.

Commercial painting project by Ecopainting in a College
You are a facility manager or business owner in need of a paint job for your building. There is only so much money in the budget and you need to use it wisely. Painting is not something you do every year. It’s a hassle and an inconvenience, so you want to do it properly. Just for that, we termed as the best Toronto Painting Company/Painting Company Toronto and always here for your convenience and creative work. We always provide best of our services to make customer happy and retain Best Toronto Painters title as well.

The users of the facility are number one priority. Sometimes renovations last a long time and closing the facility is not possible. A good painting contractor knows this and will try to minimize the inconvenience. When painting an office or any commercial space, regular communication with the customer goes a long way.

Ecopainting can Take Care of your Home Painting Needs.

You follow decorating trends in magazines and collect colour ideas for different rooms in your home. It’s now time to call in the professional house painters! You google “painting services” and ask some friends if they know any good contractors. As expected, they all promises “quality work at reasonable prices”. Before calling anybody and requesting quotes, what should your expectations be? Will this be a pleasant experience? Right from the initial contact, Ecopainting uses the following procedures:

The Consultation Process

The moment you contact us, we set up an appointment to meet and discuss your project. The purpose of this meeting is to find out what is important to you and to assess your needs. Here we talk about colours and paints and discuss your decorating ideas. This is the perfect time to ask all the important questions. We welcome detailed questions about the process or any concerns you might have. Why not ask about our painters. We are proud of them, and love talking about them. Our painters are what makes our company.
Perhaps you live in a condo, loft or townhouse. Does the contractor have experience working in condominium buildings? Condo associations have regulations about noise, parking, loading and elevator use. This is a good time to discuss these details.

The Estimate and Proposal

It includes, among other things, the painting work that we discussed. The “Scope of Work” lists what gets painted and what does not. How many coats of paint, what type of primer and on which areas. The level of prep work and how we plan to protect customer property. This is an important part, for both the customer and the painting contractor. A lot of customer/contractor relationships can go south if the scope is not detailed. The “Colour Schedule” is part of this proposal if you chose colours at this stage. Sometimes a colour consultant will prepare a separate colour schedule. The proposal also includes important imformation about our painting company. Insurance documentation, references information, warranty information, etc. The Pricing is the cost of the whole job, or detailed pricing for separate options. Ecopainting will never change the price unless the scope of work changes. Before any such change, the customer and the contractor have to agree in writing. A good proposal adds transparency to the contracting process. Transparency is the foundation for a nightmare free experience.

Beautifu bathroom in a home painted with care

The Actual Work and the Customer Experience

You decided that Ecopainting will be your contractor, so what’s next? Our office will schedule a tentative start date and will confirm it a few days before. A Job Manager will work with you right from the start, to carry out the scope of work as it appears in the proposal. The scope of work and final colours will be reviewed with you.

This is where we make the necessary arrangements. Your schedule and times you leave/return from work. Do you want the painters to lock up for you? Are there concerns about children, family members or pets during the job? What about parking spaces, washroom use, electricity, etc. The Job Manager will secure all these details and will plan the job with you. It’s a good idea to exchange contact information for daily reporting or emergencies. When you leave for work you should be confident that everything will be just fine.

The painters in your home will be our own employees. You will always know who is in your home. They will be trained, friendly and signed in every day. They will cover your floors and protect your furniture and belongings. At the end of the day they will clean the work areas. Throughout the process, the communication channels will stay open. And finally, at the end there will be a  walk-through to ensure that the scope of work is completed. This is the time to address any final concerns.

This is the exact process that we use to delivers a Nightmare Free Experience.

“Karon and her team surpassed my expectations. The prep work meticulous and great attention was also paid to all the coats of paint. George helped with paint colours and visited our home twice before the work started. I ‘d recommend Ecopainting to anyone”   
Kim and Peter M. High Park area of Toronto

“Ecopainting did an amazing job for me. The feedback I got from the board of directors and the homeowners, they loved them!”
Sylvia O’ Brien of Colour Theory, Condominium Painting.

“Ecopainting helped us make our condo look fantastic! It doesn’t even look like the same place! Amazing job, highly recommended”

Lenna T. Condo Painting in Mississauga.

TRANSPARENCY: Meet our painters and learn about Ecopainting before hiring anyone. Read About Us

Online Reviews and Testimonials.

Earning a solid reputation in the community takes diligence and hard work. Contractors with a good online reputation have a better chance of being profitable and review companies thrive on that. Online review sites make most of their money from the contractors advertising with them.

Yelp, Angie’s List, Homestars and others have thousands of consumer reviews online. Consumer are supposed to check the contractors reputation before hiring them. Unfortunately, the companies being reviewed are advertisers and their ratings reflect the money they spend. To some, reviews are a shortcut to a good reputation and they flood the internet with fake reviews. Consumers still need to weed out all the fake reviews and find the reputable companies.

The Government of Canada has enacted strong legislation to protect the consumer. The Competition Bureau prohibits the distortion of authorized “tests and testimonials”. Companies cheating can face some serious fines for misleading consumers.

In addition to online reviews, Ecopainting has hundreds of written and signed testimonials with the customers phone number available.

Consumer Tip: Ask the sales person if they employ their own painters (on payroll). Ask them for some customer contact information, even a phone number or two. This is a simple business to start, and anyone with a brush and a ladder calls themselves a painter.

The “eco” in Ecopainting means Environmental Responsibility and Green Practices.

Ecopainting is a pioneer in the Toronto green painting scene. 16 years ago we changed our company name to Ecopainting Inc. An eco-friendly painting company at the time was considered a niche. The expectation was that customers would pay more money for a green contractor. Glidden Lifemaster and Benjamin Moore Ecospec were the main low VOC paints available.

Then anything ”eco” or “green” started to become trendy. There was just a handful of eco-friendly painting companies at the time. Driven by the community and a greener marketplace, things changed for the better. Paints and products became safer for the consumer and better for the environment. Zero VOC is now the new standard for most manufacturers. The eco-friendly bandwagon is getting crowded as more contractors are jumping on it. This is a positive development for our industry but what is next? Where do we go from here?

Paint contractors have a responsibility to take green to the next level. Using zero VOC paint is a good practice, but that’s not going far enough. What about operating procedures such as waste disposal, and management of wash water? What about recycling of leftover paints and construction materials? And do we need to be driving around in our gas guzzling trucks and vans? Every company activity can be a candidate for an environmental audit.

Painting Services & availability in the GTA

The GTA includes the municipalities of Toronto, Durham, Halton, Peel and York. This is a large area with a growing population of over 6 million as of 2011. Ecopainting with the team of commercial painters is located in Scarborough and has crews for almost any size project in the GTA.

Services available:

  • Interior and exterior painting.
  • New construction bidding and painting.
  • Wallpaper removal and wall repairs.
  • Colour consulting by certified consultants.
  • Property services: maintenance, condo building and townhouse painting.
  • Home Services: deck staining, kitchen cabinet re-finishing, minor carpentry, pressure washing.
To experience Ecopainting and our professionalism, call 416 733-7767 to one of our Painter Toronto team member.