Transparency: things to know about us (and much more if you ask)

“Thank you for sending such hard-working, kind, respectful and helpful workers. I enjoyed having them in my home”

Linda Dale. Apartment painting in Toronto.

At Ecopainting main Office in Toronto

A Short History: Ecopainting Inc. has been a main stay and servicing the GTA for over 25 years. We started off as Ecopainting Systems in the nineties, and incorporated in 2004 as Ecopainting Inc. In 2012 we purchased our own commercial space at 1345 Morningside Ave in Scarborough. 10 years later, we’ve downsized and moved to a smaller office within the Aldgate Centre at 1200 Markham Road. We’re familiar with the area, as we used to call the Aldgate Centre home from 2008 to 2012.

President of Ecopainting

George Zarogiannis is the founder of Ecopainting Inc. George was born in Greece and came to Toronto to be a student at York University. He started painting in 1986 and soon after that, he started painting for himself. In the early nineties with his wife Karon he started Ecopainting Systems. George is active and respected in the North American contracting community through the discussion boards and trade groups. The focus on green painting was a result of his deep rooted concern for the environment. When the company was incorporated as Ecopainting, this was not to be a normal company, but a company with strong principles. Our values:

  • We work hard to minimize any harm our business causes to the environment.
  • Our Painters matter and they are the driving force behind our company.
  • We are positive participants and contributors in our community.

Our Job Managers (crew leaders)

Aziz is one of our Job Managers. He lives in Brampton and has been with us for almost 5 years. He takes a lot of pride in his work and his customer service skills are outstanding. When Aziz is not working he enjoys spending time with his family, planning his upcoming wedding and creating video games.

Uma has been with us just over 2 years. He was born in Sri Lanka and came to Canada only a few years ago. It didn’t take us long to discover what a fast and precise painter Uma was, which prompted us to move him right into a Job Manager’s position. Uma is married lives in Scarborough and spends most of his time off work with his new baby daughter.

Alex lives in Pickering. She has been with us for 3 years. Ecopainting was Alex’s very first ever job. Seeing her grow into a great painter along with her ability to handle jobs very well made it easy to train her to become a Job Manager. Alex graduated from Centennial College as an Environmental Protection Technician. She loves to paint and spends a lot of her spare time painting her own house. When she is not painting she volunteers her time to ecological projects. You can also catch her cheering rainbows!

Karon, estimating and financials

Karon has been with Ecopainting for 14 years. She lives in Pickering and was born in Scotland. Starting out as a painter, she became one of our best painters as well as a faux finish artist. Karon is now our main estimator and also takes care of our financial responsibilities. In her spare time she enjoys travelling and gardening.

Erin and Abdulla

Get to know Erin, Julia, Aidan, Dave, Abdulla and Ady

Erin started working for Ecopainting about 3 years ago. The first thing we noticed about Erin was she wanted the most challenging colours to “cut in”with. Red on her second day, on an important job! In a short period of time she became arguably our best painter with the brush. Erin moved to Mississauga and is now one of our estimators, helping to manage our Mississauga location. Erin is a graduate of York University and she is a talented artist in her spare time.

Aidan is one of our apprentices. She was born in Kingston Ontario and painted for the Board of Education there. A few months after she moved to Toronto she applied to work for us and we are glad to have her with us. She is also a very talented graphic artist and helped Ecopainting with some of our marketing material.

Julia is another one of our young apprentices. She lives in North York and is a graduate of the University of Toronto. In addition to her learning all about the painting trade, she is the main person behind most of our video work. In her spare time she practices martial arts and she is a talented artist.

Dave is working for Ecopainting for about a year. He was a painter in Kingston as well as his native Bermuda. He studied to be a music teacher at the University of Toronto. He is also an amazing saxophone player for the Toronto group Yasgurs Farm.

Abdulla started working with Ecopainting three years ago. In that short period of time, he became one of our hardest working painters. Abdulla is born in Uzbekistan and came to Toronto along with his family. In his spare time he is a very talented artist with a lot of potential.

Ady was born in Venezuela. She graduated Centennial College as a Chemical Engineer / Environmental ProtectionTechnician. With Ecopainting, she is one of our hardest workers and her customer service skill is exceptional. There is definitely a great future ahead for Ady.

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