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  • Are you looking for commercial painters for your facility?
  • What do you value most in a painting contractor?
  • How important is customer service & responsiveness to your needs?

Ecopainting is a commercial painter servicing the Greater Toronto Area. We provide value added services by constantly looking at our work through the eyes of the client. A painting job will be a complete waste if it doesn’t address a decorative or maintenance problem. By first understanding the benefits of our services, implementing the scope of work becomes much easier. In our opinion, the customer wants peace of mind, knowing that they hired a qualified contractor. Peace of mind means different things to different people but at the very least, it should include the following:

  • Full documentation of Insurance and Safety.
  • Uniformed and trained painters.
  • Detailed proposals with clear specifications.
  • Daily communication and updates.
  • No workplace interference.

Why Commercial Clients Love Working with Ecopainting.

Sarah first contacted and hired Ecopainting when she was the Exhibition Manager at The Bata Shoe Museum. She is currently the Senior Exhibition Manager at the Aga Khan Museum and still relying on our painters to prepare the exhibit areas between shows.  

“I have had the pleasure of working with the team at Ecopainting on three separate occasions, each time they have exceeded my expectations. Karon and George are so knowledgeable  and the teams they send to the site are amazing, professional, tidy and personable. Ecopainting is always amazing to work with my limited budgets and they are always finished early which is great on projects that are under time pressure.”
Sarah Beam-Borg, Exhibitions Manager – Aga Khan Museum

The next testimonial was sent by Liz, who worked for Harkel Office in Vaughan. In 2009 we were contracted to paint their office headquarters. Two years later they had us back to do some more work for them. Harkel is a well known B2B company and they have graciously recommended us to some of their clients.

“From my first email to your company and your fast and efficient reply I have been impressed w/the professionalism and competence shown by Ecopainting. George came to see me right away, discussed what we needed done and made valuable suggestions regarding eco friendly painting materials. Jennifer and Torrie were efficient, pleasant and did not interfere at all w/the running of our office while doing their job. Their attention to detail on what needed doing and after care to our facilities was terrific. I also totally appreciated the fact that George was on site everyday to answer questions and address any issues. I am satisfied with the work completed by Ecopainting Inc. and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone for their painting needs”
Liz S. for Harkel Office – About Painting in Vaughan location

Ecopainting’s Commercial Clients

Ecopainting Commercial Portfolio

Facility Managers. The facility manager’s job is to make sure that buildings run efficiently. When it’s time to procure painting services they rely on the experience of contractors such as Ecopainting. Some of the facilities we painted include, private office buildings, public museums and colleges, even consulates and trade missions.

Property Managers. A property management company is hired to manage a real estate property. Ecopainting painted apartment and condominium buildings as well as the exterior of townhouse complexes.

Interior Designers. The job of the commercial interior designer is to design and create functional space in a building. A good designer is responsible in running entire renovation projects and managing all the trades and contractors. We love working with designers and over the years we have established great relationships with some of them..  

General contractors. While we do most of our work as a prime contractor, we do subcontract for a handful of general contractors. When they need painting subcontractors for their construction work, we are there for them.

Institutions. We provide painting services for museums, schools, colleges and universities as well as clinics and care facilities. Some of our clients include Centennial College, the Ryerson Student Union, Go Transit and The Design Exchange.

Retail Store Owners. Ecopainting provides painting services to restaurants, bakeries, furniture stores and showrooms in the GTA. Some of our clients are: Nadège Patisserie, Tori’s Bakeshop, The Naked Cafe in Bolton and Almira Furniture in Markham. 

Safety Certified Commercial Painters

What are the Benefits of a New Paint Job?

A well maintained place is a good place to work. We think often about decorating and painting our home. Yet we spend most of our awake time working. Should we not feel comfortable in our work surroundings as well? People work better in a clean and well maintained environment. Most commercial space sees a lot of activity and wear & tear. Common areas like hallways get beat up with equipment and all the people going through it.

A bright fresh coat of paint can do wonders in raising employee morale. Business and property owners know that certain colours improve productivity and others enhance creative thinking. The colour selection process itself is a fun team building activity.

A well thought out painting job will make you look good to your customers. A company invests a lot of money in branding and marketing. Does your business space portray the brand the same way? Is the look consistent with the feel of the website and your other marketing materials?

Retail stores in particular use paint colour to showcase their products. This is not any different for restaurants, sports and concert venues as well as hotels. Customers know you care about them if your facility is clean and presentable.

Sylvia had opened a jewelry store in the fashionable Yorkville area.  She was looking for reliable Toronto painters and contracted our service. In her store we used a custom fuschia colour and paints mostly from Benjamin Moore. She sent this letter, where she goes into detail about her experience with Ecopainting. Before the days of digital painters reviews, letters of recommendation were solid equity for any contractor.

“As an owner of a retail store, I know and appreciate the true value of a great product and exceptional customer service. Which is why I feel compelled to commend Ecopainting for the great product and service value they have provided me. I contracted Ecopainting to paint a retail space I leased in Yorkville. I knew from the start that it would need a lot of work. The walls had holes and the baseboards were covered with wires that had been painted over many times in the past and now looked like hard globs of stucco. The transformation is unbelievable to anyone who was familiar with this space before. Through dedicated professionalism, their painters transformed what was a disaster zone, into a bright, spacious and glamorous boutique worthy of displaying designer jewellery in Toronto’s Yorkville neighbourhood. From fixing and preparing the walls, to consulting me on suitable colour and Painting techniques, to the cleanup, Ecopainting surpassed my expectations at every turn, and that is what a truly great product and exceptional customer service is about”
Thank you. Silvia C. for Fuschia, retail store in Yorkville.

2017 Featured Commercial Client – Aga Khan Museum

Ecopainting Project of the year 2017
The Aga Khan Museum is becoming one of our favourite clients. The museum has their own maintenance staff but several times a year they call on Ecopainting to help out with last minute projects.

The Aga Khan is a museum of Islamic art, Iranian art and Muslim culture in Toronto. It is located at 77 Wynford Dr in North York. The museum is an initiative of the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, an agency of the Aga Khan Development Network.

The building was designed by Fumihiko Maki, a winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize. The architect used light as his inspiration. You can certainly feel that throughout the spacious halls and the open roofed courtyard. Despite its compact footprint, the building has a large theatre, classrooms, art conservation spaces and two beautiful exhibition galleries.

When it comes time to prepare the galleries for the new exhibits they call on Ecopainting. These are last minute, “all out projects” with tight deadlines, as the new exhibit is usually around the corner. Despite all that, our painters find these projects enjoyable for many reasons:

  • The colours chosen by the museum designers are interesting as they need to become the backdrop of the upcoming designs.
  • The Quality of the paint specified is always top of the line, mostly Benjamin Moore’s Aura. Aura with its quick dry and superior hiding offers quick turnaround and the durability required for busy exhibit halls.
  • The staff throughout the facility are hospitable and very helpful. Right from the loading dock all the way through to project completion, there is always someone there to answer our questions.

The importance of this institution in the Toronto landscape as well as the trust they put in our hands is reason enough for us to  choose them as a featured commercial painting client in 2017. 

Ecopainting is different than most painting contractors in the GTA. We offer value tailored to match the specific needs of our customers.

Call 416 733-7767 to request a Painting Estimate.

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