Painting Services for Facility Managers

When looking for Commercial Painters, the facility manager has specific needs in mind. Whether a public institution or a private corporation, the basic customer needs are the same:
Predictable results, a quick turnaround and peace of mind.

Predictable results. Is it a museum, a school, a gymnasium or a medical facility?
Ecopainting has the experience, a lot of it and you can always count on us. With hundreds of commercial clients serviced already, we get the job done.

Quick turnaround. Quick means different things to different people. Quick enough without interfering with the operation of your organization is what we work for. Zero VOC paint, no dust, after hours work and help with the furniture are all part of our service. Your facility should not look like a hurricane went through it. The only thing you should notice is your new walls and colours.

Peace of Mind. Who will the painters be? Are they sub-contractors or employees? The contractors you hire should almost follow the same rules of conduct as your employees. The painters will interact with your clients or patients. They will interact with your own staff. Ecopainting will send you our own, trained, uniformed employees. We don’t ever use subcontractors. Our painters are covered by WSIB and have all the necessary safety certifications.
We carry 5 Million Liability insurance and follow manufacturer’s recommendations.

Services for Commercial Clients

Museum Painting and Exhibit Halls Preparation. The common areas of museums need to be well maintained as they usually welcome thousands of visitors. When holding different exhibits, the exhibit areas need to accommodate the look and the theme of the exhibit. Ecopainting’s clients include the Aga Khan Museum, the Bata Shoe Museum and the Design Exchange.

Schools and Educational Facilities. Schools and classrooms get a lot of use by students and teachers. When school is out, the paint jobs need maintenance and freshening up. Our Customers include schools such as Ryerson University, Humber College, Montcrest and  St. Clement schools among others.

School Gymnasiums. Gymnasiums are meant and designed to accommodate school athletes and trainees using balls and other equipment. Paint surfaces here are maintained regularly. We painted gymnasiums and fitness facilities in a few Toronto locations.

Retirement Buildings. The residents are here to enjoy their retirement years. Contractors and painters can be quite disruptive. Seniors need special attention and painters that care.  

Food Processing Plants. Using food grade paints and safe enamels. These are regulated by the  Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Walk-in freezers and coolers. If not properly maintained, industrial freezers are not hygienic and can develop mould. Specialty paints and epoxies exist, to perform at very cold temperatures. Ecopainting has experience doing this work for food services in retirement homes and colleges.  

Exterior Commercial Painting Services

Painting Exterior of Building

Commercial Exterior Services.

Building Exteriors paint maintenance.

Restaurants and Patios.

Windows restoration, caulking and paint.

Townhouse and Co-op Housing. Exterior multi-residential projects have their challenges. These are: the weather, project timing and dealing with practically a big number of customers,

Graffiti Removal and Painting. Not every graffiti is art. In fact most of it is vandalism to public property. Ecopainting helped many customers deal with this unsightly issue.

Exterior Metal Structures.

Maintenance and staining of fences, benches and exterior furniture in parks and patios.

Workers painting a townhouse complex

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