Painting Food Service & Cafeterias

Maintaining and painting the Food Service area is a frequent necessity in institutions and bigger buildings. Facility and property managers come to realize the social importance the cafeteria has in an office and building environment. Some corporations treat their cafeterias, food and employee lounges as a perk to their staff.

Cafeteria Decor and Painting.

We had many opportunities to paint office space and work in buildings of different size. There are some observations I like to share that certainly were obvious to an impartial outside vendor.
In most progressive workspaces:

  • Lunch or coffee time was an occasion to not be missed. We noticed that Ideas were flowing better, discussion was informal. In no way a boardroom meeting could accommodate that.
  • Trips to the local lunch spot were reduced, the line-ups, wasted time and food choices were not worth the effort.
  • Company culture was evident and alive. It was noticeably more dynamic than a in few words of a company mission statement.
  • People generally appeared more relaxed, happier (and yes, friendlier to us painters)

Decorating, Paint and Colours for the Cafeteria.

Certain colours encourage productivity and creativity. There is certainly motivation during a commercial paint job to identify these colours and use them. Why not use that same colour science when choosing colours for employee lounges?
Employees need a safe and comfortable place to unwind and relax. Leaving stressful and difficult situations in the office for half an hour is a good idea. Any business or shop talk taking place during lunch time is usually short and light hearted.
Using fun and comfortable colours is the best way to accommodate this. A warm colour palette is proven to increase appetite and even refresh the mind. Bright colours can work well but they can be overwhelming in large amounts. It is better to use such bright colours in smaller areas.
Shades of yellow, green and orange can be used on accent walls, columns, and furniture. A note about blue: it is not an appetizing colour and should be avoided. Brand and logo colours should stay in the reception area. Remember, work belongs in the office and the boardroom.

Use zero VOC, quick drying and low odour paints. There is a lot of wear and tear in a cafeteria and food and grease stains need to be washed occasionally. A quality paint with a higher sheen will allow for more frequent wash cycles.

Food service refrigerator painting

Food preparation areas.

Every time food preparation, handling and storage is involved, hygiene becomes primary. Food prep walls and surfaces need frequent upkeep, washing and painting. Dealing with mildew and rust is a constant in cold and humid areas. Storage areas, metal surfaces and commercial refrigerators need to stay constantly clean to resist mildew and rust. Surfaces in contact with food should be painted with non porous enamels that don’t leave any odour or taste.
Food Grade coatings are often recommended, as suggested by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Here is a Reference Listing of Accepted Construction Materials, Packaging Materials and Non-Food Chemical Products.

Ecopainting is an experienced Painting Contractor.

Ecopainting Inc. is a Toronto painting contractor with experience and proven record. We have been painting successfully food service areas, cafeterias and food prep work areas. We apply coatings based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. Preparation and cleaning will make painted surfaces last longer and they can be washed frequently.
When looking for a painting contractor, there are certainly more factors involved than just coatings and durability. The use and enjoyment of the facilities by the users during the painting process does not have to be compromised. Property managers want the peace of mind of an experienced paint contractor during this type of maintenance painting.

The efficiency, speed, and the ability of the painting crews to work after hours can go a long way to minimize the inconvenience. A complete shutdown of the space is not always necessary. Newer low odour paints and sealants, makes it possible to use the facilities shortly after the painting is completed.

Freshly painted colourful cafeteria

Painted the Cafeteria or Food Services of these Clients.

Volkswagen Canada (Head offices), Scholastic Canada, RSA Insurance, Consulate General of Portugal, GP Car & Home  Insurance, Montcrest School, High Road Communications, Kyocera Mita, Frontline Technologies, BlueCat Networks, Centre For Social Innovation, Copernicus Lodge, Xacutti Restaurant, Nadege Patisserie, New York Fries, G&K Uniform Services, Humber College.

If your Toronto area facility has a need for our services, please call 416 733-7767 to speak to one of our representatives, or request a quote on line.

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