Are you Responsible for the Maintenance of a Facility?

Maintaining a commercial facility is a big and thankless job. Finding the right vendor for facility painting services can give you the peace of mind you need. Whether you need a one time paint job or a customized maintenance plan, Ecopainting can be your reliable partner.

Our commercial client list is extensive and we welcome you to be our client.
With our Eco coatings and our 24 hour Service painting can be totally hassle free!

Maintenance Painting Program for facilities.

Is implementing a painting maintenance program, a good idea for a facilities manager? Keeping up with the wear and tear of a building’s paint job is expensive and important at the same time. Finding commercial painters every single time is not too predictable and nobody likes last minute surprises. Depending on the facility, understanding the lifecycle of a paint job makes logistical and financial sense.

  • A school needs it’s hallways, locker rooms and washrooms painted every year.
  • Classrooms, doors and stairways every year or two.
  • Offices can wait 3-5 year for a paint job.
  • Restaurants, retail stores, high end hotels need to be in pristine condition almost always or the bottom line will be affected.
  • Hospitals, clinics and daycare centres get painted more frequently.

Is a Formal Maintenance Program Necessary?

A formal maintenance contract can offer peace of mind that comes with knowing everything will be maintained properly. Hallways and common areas will be clean and bright every year and almost everything will be repainted. Five years is an average and economical paint cycle. In our experience at Ecopainting we find that maintenance programs fail in their lack of flexibility.

  • Facilities manages and property management companies change.
  • The painting business is not a stable industry.
  • Product changes are very frequent.
  • Routine becomes complacency, maintenance falls behind and is difficult to reverse.
  • New construction projects interfere with maintenance and makes a lot of it obsolete.
  • And of course, the needs of the facility change constantly and a formal maintenance is not accommodating.

A Case Study of a School our Painters Maintain.

Maintenance painting of school

Montcrest School
is a Toronto School founded in 1961. Their campus overlooks Riverdale Park in the Broadview and Danforth area. They have been our regular customer for about 5 years.
When we were first contacted, we were asked to convert all their oil paint surfaces to low VOC quality paint and standardize their colours and finishes.
High traffic areas, the gym and the trim were painted in semigloss. Eggshell was used in office areas. White flat was the paint for the ceiling.
One colour was used for all the walls and another one for the trim and doors.
There was some clear urethane coating, special metal coatings and some exterior painting.
We worked at the school every year, mostly during the summer. During the last summer, there was a major renovation at one of the buildings. The school chose Ecopainting to paint in the renovated areas.
Every surface of the school has been now converted to water based paint, except in one of the buildings that we didn’t get to paint yet.
Our painters love working there and the school staff knows our painters and welcome them year after year.

Update: in 2019 the school will be changing the main colours and planning to repaint a lot of it’s interior space. The new product we will be using is the new SCUFF-X paint from Benjamin Moore.

Some of our regular and repeat Commercial Clients:

  • Parkdale Community Health Centre
  • Yorkview Medical Centre
  • Moksha Yoga North York
  • Mississaugua Golf and Country Club
  • The DX ExchangeBata Shoe Museum
  • The Aga Khan Museum
  • The Bata Shoe Museum painting
  • Montcrest School
  • Ryerson University
  • G&K Uniform Services.
  • Go Transit.
  • SUN TV
  • Centre For Social Innovation.

If you need a painting contractor for your facility in the Toronto area, call 416 733-7767 to schedule an appointment. We will discuss your needs, tailor a solution and prepare a detailed proposal.

Maintenance painter at an industrial setting

Please note: Ecopainting has recently introduced painting services for churches and ecclesiastical institutions.

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