Painting Contractor for Schools & Classrooms.

Ecopainting painted for a few schools in the Toronto area. Our commercial painters worked in Humber College, Seneca College, Ryerson among other places. Painting Schools & Classrooms can have a positive impact on the students and staff.  Improvement in the appearance  of classrooms has a positive impact on the students. School maintenance and small improvements can also aid with learning. Let’s not underestimate colour and it’s influence on the learning process and student behaviour.

Some of the Schools & Classrooms we Painted in Toronto.

SOLA (School Of Liberal Arts) is at the intersection of Yonge Street and Eglinton. They contracted Ecopainting to paint the second and third floor of their school. The scope was to paint the walls and doors in the classrooms, the hallways & common areas. We also had to paint the school washrooms and some of their office space. Scheduling and sequencing this type of job is usually challenging. Working with other contractors adds another layer of difficulty. In this case working with the floor and carpet installers was the main challenge because of their small window of availability. We needed to complete one floor at a time before the carpet installation. The facility manager’s painting needs were crystal clear: deliver a good job on time, on budget and without interruption.

Colours:  We painted with light and warm colours, eight in total. They were muted shades of green, blue and neutrals from Para Paints. Para has a very good resource of warm neutrals in their Heritage Collection. Their collection is based on Canadian research which makes this a good choice for a local  Liberal Arts school. The hallways, doors, washrooms and common areas were just monochromatic variations of grey.
Painting the lockers. There were over 200 lockers to paint on both floors. The customer chose to use a vibrant red colour for the lockers. Painting in red required three coats of enamel over a medium grey primer. Locker rooms get a lot of daily abuse from busy students and the durability of the paint was a concern so we specified an alkyd based enamel. In 2007 alkyd paints were still the norm. We used a urethane based alkyd we previously had experience with.
This was a large project for our company. A total of ten of our Toronto painters took turns working there.
The school facility manager and the school staff was helpful and worked hard to prepare the areas for painting. Four weeks later, the school was painted was on time.

Painting Daycare Centres. Daycare centres need to keep their walls clean and maintained. Children learn better in clean, bright and colourful environments. At the same time, the little ones are tough on the walls and furniture of the facility. The Matthew-John Daycare Centre is located in the Broadview and Gerrard area. It occupies space inside one of the many churches in that area of Toronto. The Matthew-John DayCare is a regular customer of Ecopainting. This vendor predictability makes life easier for the manager and the staff. 

Whenever possible we use the same crews so that we can benefit from the familiarity. By keeping track of colours and finishes, touch ups and re-ordering paint gets easier every time. The main colour we use is a soft and warm yellow from Benjamin Moore. The furniture and trim are yellow, orange and blue. This colour combinations seems to work perfectly for their needs. As a policy we paint daycares after business hours and on weekends and use zero VOC paint. When children and parents come in Monday morning, there is no smell of paint.

Painters of schools

Maintenance Painting of Toronto Private School.

Montcrest School. Montcrest is a school in the Riverdale area of Toronto. Since 2009 our painters spend about a month painting and refurbushing the interior and exterior of their buildings. We have painted every one of the buildings by now and converted their paint to acrylic zero VOC paint. Any new painting the school and our painters will do from now on will have their standard colours and we will use the same paint. A notable project we did for Montcrest was the complete painting of the gymnasium.  The tall concrete walls were painted in oil semigloss years ago. This was one of the first major projects that we used Benjamin Moore’s new at the time Advance enamel. Ecopainting offers the Maintenance painting option to facility managers. Schools like Montcrest benefit from the predictability and budget control that regular maintenance offers.

Paint Considerations for Schools.

  • Quality paints adhere better to glossy surface and last longer.
  • Quality Paints that are washable and scrubbable. Students have other things on their mind, not the condition of the walls.
  • A well selected colour scheme fosters a learning environment.
  • Regular maintenance of surfaces will extend the life-cycle of the paint job.
  • Eco friendly coatings have low odour and are now durable.

Does your educational facility needs a face-lift or some maintenance painting? Ecopainting has a lot of experience painting schools. Please call 416 733-7767 to arrange a consultation.

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