Protecting the New Paint in your Facility.

How do you protect the fresh new paint and keep your facility looking good for years? The painters came and went. The paint job looks good, everything turned out perfect! Is there a way to extend the life of the paint and save on future facility painting costs? You can have the painters come in periodically and touch up in the high traffic areas. Some Commercial Painters offer maintenance services to their customers. Ecopainting offers this and we think it’s a good idea. Is there a way to reduce service visits even further and save more money for your facility?

Wall and Paint Protection Solutions.

Plan for this right after your painters leave and as soon as the paint is cured. Walls will get damaged by furniture moving and deliveries, utility carts, chairs even cleaning equipment. Corners, doors and frames see most of the wear and tear, especially in narrow hallways.

In care facilities, wheelchairs, medical equipment and stretchers take a toll on the walls. Boardroom and classroom walls mostly get damaged by chairs and tables. Modern paint is formulated to be tough and dry as fast as possible. Yet it has no chance of withstanding the abuse it is exposed to in some busy facilities.
You can protect the walls by placing small furniture and plants in front of them. Unfortunately, when floor space is at a premium this is not an option. Let’s not worry, protective help is available. There is an entire industry catering to facility managers with protective products made for almost every surface.

Protecting Corners.

Unless your office has an open space design or unique round room architecture, you have corners. Most commercial facilities have outside corners and they need to be protected. Employees work hard, move fast and are consumed with their activities. You can’t blame them if wall protection is not top of mind. You can keep repairing and painting or you can install corner guards. They come in many varieties including clear or coloured acrylic that works very well with office decor. Ecopainting can install these corner guards as part of our paint project. The most requested corner guards we installed are stainless steel. They come in different sizes and can look attractive as not to compromise the office decor. One vendor we use and recommend is Boss Steel located in Richmond Hill. They have standard sizes but if you give them enough time they will cut the product to your custom specifications.

Corners can be protected with metal guards

Protecting the Boardroom Walls.

In a classroom and boardroom there are many chairs and tables. Depending on the presentation and the participants, chairs and tables are always moving. One of the most common repairs we do in a boardroom is patch the drywall two or three feet off the floor. Installing chair rail is a good solution to this problem. It protects the wall from chairs and tables and it doesn’t have to look ugly. A carpenter can install decorative wood chair rail that can be varnished or coated with a strong enamel. The stronger enamel finish offers some protection but it’s not indestructible. There are vinyl flat wall protectors available that provide more protection than wood chair rail. They come in different decorative colours including some clear low profile ones. The flat wall strips are great for hallways in  healthcare facilities, schools, universities & child care facilities.

For best results, chair rail should be installed at about 28-32 inches off the floor.

Protecting the Paint of Door and Door frames.

We paint doors and door frames with glossier and tougher paints for a reason. Some of us have a tendency to kick a door open, especially when our hands are full. Door frames are narrow  passage ways and we carry and wheel objects that damage the paint. Doors are expensive to replace or to paint every year. Investing some money to protect them is good economy. Ask your contractor about installing kick plates, push plates and edge guards. There are different choices for different facilities. There are metal kick plates common for front doors in homes and retail stores. Stainless steel guards and push plates offer the best protection for very busy commercial doors.

Diamond plate metal protectors offer great protection for warehouses and automotive shops and can even lend a contemporary look in a nightclub.

Ecopainting is a painting contractor servicing the needs of Facility managers in the Greater Toronto Area. We realize that budgets for painting are not bottomless. We work with our clients to find long term manageable solutions. By protecting your new paint job you extend it’s life cycle. We can source products for your maintenance staff and sometimes we can install them.

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