Painting Commercial Washrooms is about Maintenance and Cleanliness.

Restroom maintenance might be the building manager’s least enjoyable part of running a facility but keeping washrooms clean is essential and sanitary. Clean washrooms keep employees happy and cleanliness at work should be taught and expected. Painting the washrooms periodically helps with the maintenance and sanitation process. Choosing the right paint and contractor will make the process easier and save money in the long run.

Higher quality paints are easy to apply, resist abrasion and can withstand frequent wash cycles with commercial cleaners. Commercial painters are familiar with the latest coatings and follow the manufacturers recommendations for prep and application. 

Clean Very Well Before Painting

Before any painting takes place, all surfaces have to be clean, smooth and ready to accept paint.

  • Wash the surfaces with cleaners and degreasers wearing a proper mask and strong rubber gloves 
  • Paying special attention to the walls “in the proximity” of the male urinals and the walls behind the toilets. 
  • Look for greasy areas on walls and stall partitions, especially in factory washrooms.
  • Clean mildew with a 3 to 1 parts diluted bleach solution. 
  • Some metal partitions have writing with a marker that can be washed off with alcohol. Quite often the paint is scratched with pointed objects and sanding is necessary.
A women's restroom in a factory painted
This women’s restroom is freshly painted and is as clean as it can be!

Can You Even Paint Metal Stall Partitions?

Yes you can! Are they previously painted or do they still have the factory finish? If they are previously painted, follow regular paint prep procedures. Clean, remove any peeling paint, sand and prime. Be sure to sand any rust spots and spot-prime with rust primer.
If the factory finish is in good condition you can still paint over it but the prep work is different. Power sand to scuff the partition’s surface. Wash thoroughly with a commercial cleaner and rinse. Even after all this prep most paints will not adhere properly to the smooth finish of the metal. Apply a top quality bonding primer such a urethane modified acrylic primer.

What Paint to Use for the Stall Partitions?

Urethane, alkyds as well as epoxy coatings produce a harder finish that resists abrasion and chemical resistance. However painting them in place is challenging because of the strong odours of these paints. If disassembly and transportation is possible consider transporting them to an off site shop. An automotive refinishing facility may offer this service.

Metal stall partitions can be painted
Painting stall partitions will make them look new again.

Unfortunately most of the time the partitions have to be painted in place. There are some lower odour products that offer acceptable results. 

  • Urethane Modified Acrylic (UMA) primers and paints have excellent adhesion. 
  • Pre-Catalyzed Epoxies have stain blocking and chemical resistance.
  • Specialty products such as Benjamin Moore’s SCUFF-X offer good durability.

Frequency vs Cost of Painting Restrooms

Washrooms like other busy areas need more frequent upkeep and painting. Just because a good contractor using top quality materials is expensive. The tendency here is to postpone the job into the future or to use other less expensive contractors. Facility managers recognise that this is a false economy. There is no money being saved by selecting inexpensive paints and contractors. A less experienced painter will not have the resources required to use the best products for the job, resulting in more frequent paint jobs. Facility managers use life-cycle cost calculations to balance needs with budgets in mind. For example, there are ways of calculating the cost per year of service for paint and application. Painting is also an inconvenience. You don’t want to have the washrooms out of service for long and frequent periods of time.

Casse Study – Cascades

In January of 2022 we were contracted to paint two men’s and two women’s washrooms in their Scarborough plant. The Scope included their locker room shelving, washrooms walls, ceilings and partitions. Cleaning and wall repairs were included.
The work was completed during their regular business hours and this was a large facility with many employees.  As a result two washrooms needed to be available at all times.
The cleaning of the surfaces was extensive but necessary to help the paint adhere better.

Men's washrooms need painting often
Men’s washrooms need frequent attention

The surfaces were previously painted and required prep work such as patching and sanding. We used SCUFF-X from Benjamin Moore in Pearl and Semi Gloss finish. Where adhession was an issue we relied on Stix Waterborne Bonding Primer by INSLX. The painting was completed during the Omicron COVID crisis which meant that our painters had to work with masks on, distancing precautions and following the customer’s safety protocol.It turned out amazing and the washrooms were bright and clean for the workers to use.

The customer and staff were very happy with the result and we like to thank them for being patient, helpful and very friendly. This is a second time customer and we look forward to servicing them in the future.

Newly painted restroom
Fresh paint keeps customers happy!

James Couturier, plant manager. “We hired Ecopainting to paint the washrooms and locker rooms in our Scarborough facility in 2014. Their workers were very friendly and professional. This was a project that was completed at night as ours is a very busy plant. There was never any mess when our employees arrived in the morning and the surfaces were dry. We couldn’t be happier with the results as the washrooms and locker rooms are now clean and bright. We look forward to working with them again.”

Sarah G. Manager. Great job Ecopainting! We are so happy with the crews of Ecopainting. They were very accommodating and understanding considering this was done during working hours. It certainly helps having female painters available to paint the women’s washrooms! Communication with the office was great right from the start. Karon was very attentive and the crew leader kept us up to date daily. We hope to have you back to paint the second floor offices and washrooms.

Keeping your facility looking good year after year is easier when you work with the right painting contractor. In the Toronto area Ecopainting is that contractor. We have extensive experience with commercial washroom paint jobs because we know how important it is to keep them clean and bright. 

If you’re ready to learn more about how we can handle all of your paint needs at a competitive price, contact us today! We will be happy to answer any questions that may arise as well as provide an estimate based on your requirements. Get in touch today!

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