Painting for Property Management in the Toronto area

Is your property management firm looking for painters? We hope that Ecopainting is the right painting contractor for your building maintenance needs. We make it a point to listen to your needs and suggest the right solutions. 

The work needs to be completed in a timely fashion and by trained commercial painters. Having painters working in hallways, stairways and apartments is inconvenient. The sooner it gets done, the better it is for the residents.

A property manager wants peace of mind. For that reason, is important to use reputable painters that have relevant experience. Last but certainly not least, you want painters that are environmentally responsible and know about the latest in paints and coatings.

Fast and Efficient Painting

In the world of property management, time means money. Returning a building back to service as soon as possible becomes the main driving force behind any project, especially painting. There are also serious inconveniences with painting a residential building. Areas are restricted, surfaces are wet and if the paints are not chosen responsibly, the smell of paint can be quite a nuisance. For all the above mentioned important reasons, speed is paramount. However, speed does not justify shortcuts that affect the quality of the project. Painting in a timely fashion should be a result of efficiency and not speed alone. Basic prep-work should still be performed, drying times of paints observed and sufficient coats of paint applied. The careful choice of materials and professional painters will go a long way in delivering a property management project on time.

Condo building lobby painted

Low Odour Painting & Fumes

There are many low odour choices available to paint contractors these days. In the past that used to mean that quality and zero VOC paints were mutually exclusive. That is not the case anymore. There are waterbourne enamels that can be used on railings, stairways and trim. Paints for walls and ceilings are in fact more durable now, despite using less chemicals. That is welcome relief to residents of buildings and of course property managers when painting. Ecopainting has been providing low pollution painting for property management companies in Toronto for over 15 years. Being eco-friendly is our mandate.

Qualifications of the Painting Contractor

There is way too much at stake when painting a building. Contractors will promise anything to get a job. Delivering on promises made is the difficult part of promising. A property manager will look carefully at the qualifications of a painting contractor. The following are reasons that make Ecopainting the right painting contractor:

  • 5 million Liability Insurance with additional insured if required by the customer.
  • Using our own employees and never using sub-contractors.
  • All our employees are covered by WSIB.
  • Working at Heights, WHMIS and all Safety Training with certifications.
  • An extensive commercial client list with contact information as required.
  • Trade references from Benjamin Moore Canada and others.
  • Manufacturer specifications.
  • 2 year Guarantee on workmanship.

Available Services for Property Managers

Ecopainting is an experienced painting contractor. We have completed a variety of Interior and Exterior projects in the Greater Toronto Area.

  • Painting of apartment rental units
  • Common areas, doors and hallways in apartments
  • Condominium building exteriors
  • Stairways, railing and floor finishing
  • Plaster and drywall repair and replacement
  • Wallpaper and vinyl removal and repair of walls
  • Exterior balcony work, railing and garage doors
  • Painting and decorating of Lobby and elevator areas
  • Painting of Elevator doors
  • Underground parking painting
  • Townhouse complex exteriors
  • Co-op housing complex painting.

Condo building liberty village

Property Manager Clients of Ecopainting

Spruce Court Co-op. This was a massive refurbishment project. This significant housing development needed a complete “spruce up”. The work included doors, windows, stucco, soffits, siding and dormers.

115 Richmond Street East. The French Quarter is a regular client of Ecopainting. We regularly paint the lobby, walls, baseboards, ceilings and doors, Last year we painted the parking garage elevator areas and doors.

130 Lombard Street. This building is the twin of 115 Richmond Street building. Here we freshened up the walls, doors and trim in the lobby. In the parking garage we took care of the elevator lobbies as well as some of the doors.

280 Sherbourne Street. The metal railing throughout this townhouse complex needed some attention. We sanded and scraped the peeling paint and primed the exposed galvanized metal. It was painted in black Tremclad enamel.

Massey Commons – Townhouse complex. Ecopainting was contracted to paint the exterior of doors, frames and windows. We also stained the wood at the back balconies.

83 Redpath Avenue. We painted the doors and frames as well as the walls and baseboards of all the floors.

880 Broadview Ave. The scope of work here included the painting of the apartment building hallways and doors. We painted the exterior stucco in a vibrant blue. There is no way you can miss the blue building every time you drive along Broadview.

1403 Royal York Road. The water fountain in front of the condo building was waterproofed and painted.

Humber Terrace Apartments. A low rise apartment needed a lot of  work throughout it’s stairways. We repaired the walls and painted them.

59 East Liberty Street. This is a big condo building in Liberty Village. At first we painted their common area doors, baseboards and frames on all the floors. Later on, the condominium corporation added the painting of the elevator doors to the scope of work.

Village Gate in Lower Forest Hill. The railing at this city condo was in need of serious attention. The old oil paint was rusting and peeling. Our painters grinded all the rust, cleaned and treated it. After some extensive prep work we primed the problem areas with a rust converter. The finish coat was Benjamin moore’s Alkyd Direct To Metal product.

Granite Place. This beautiful building is located at St. Clair and Avenue. We repaired and painted the ceilings and walls of the pool area. Two years later, we went back to paint in their gymnasium.

The Verve – 120 Homewood Avenue. We patched and painted the party areas and games rooms of this beautiful downtown condo building.

115/135 Antibes Drive. Repaired walls and repainted the mail room areas.

Copernicus Retirement Residences. Copernicus is an important institution on Roncesvalles. Over the years we completed many projects. They included apartments, common areas, offices, laundry rooms, cafeterias, even the walk-in freezer of the food service.

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