No Lingering Odours means Minimal Disruption.

Ecopainting offers the retail business community in the Toronto area commercial painting services. We have been servicing and decorating furniture showrooms, restaurants and bars. Our painters have been painting boutiques and stores in Yorkville, car dealerships in Brampton. We practically painted in every major shopping mall throughout the GTA.​

No Lingering Odours means Minimal Disruption.

We use  zero V.O.C. paints and low pollution primers, where possible. Their low odour makes them ideal for retail store painting. Inconveniencing customers is never a good idea. Paint odour and dust from renovations can be a problem for a busy store. Painting services after the normal business hours is a good solution. This minimizes loss of sales to the business and does not inconvenience customers.

Sylvia was a customer in 2004. She leased space in Yorkville and renovated it to open a jewellery boutique. Ecopainting repaired the walls and painted the space to Sylvia’s delight:

“…The transformation is unbelievable to anyone who was familiar with this space before. Through dedicated professionalism, the painters transformed a disaster zone, into a bright, spacious & glamorous boutique,  worthy of displaying designer jewellery in Toronto’s Yorkville neighbourhood… Silvia C. Toronto.

 Some Store Painting Projects in Toronto.

  • Storefronts. For a painting contractor, painting storefronts on busy streets is challenging. The main challenge is the passerby traffic and keeping people away from wet paint. You would think a “Wet Paint” sign is enough to do the job. A combination of caution tape and painters overseeing works best until the paint dries. Ecopainting painted in major Toronto streets like Queen street, Yonge street the Danforth etc.
  • Nadège Patisserie is retail customer at the southeast corner of Trinity-Bellwoods Park. Nadège is a popular destination of Torontonians that love macaroons, delectable sweets and sandwiches. We had an opportunity to paint their Queen Street store on a few occasions.  The outside of the store is brilliant white and it is difficult to keep clean. Painting it every year with high gloss extra durable paint seems to be a good solution. The front customer area has a simple purpose: to showcase the beautiful food creations. A touch of branding and a simple paint job works well here. The kitchen, hallways and other back areas, stay clean by using durable washable paints. Nadège is a Great customer retail customer. The painters know the store well and the owners are familiar with our painters.
  • Car Showrooms. In 2002 we painted the Volkswagen headquarters in Ajax. this was an important project in the history of our company. Some contacts we made during that job are still our customers today. Since then we painted car retail showrooms throughout the GTA . Customers include  Attrell Toyota, Suzuki in Markham, Durham Volvo & Volkswagen in Mississauga.
  • Furniture Stores with showrooms. These locations are not easy to paint. Most work needs to be at night and the prep work is difficult. The main difficulty is the small window of time available for renovations. Patching and painting needs to dry well before the customers start arriving. Displayed furniture and merchandise needs careful protection. Some of our customers are Almira furniture, Ital interiors and Harkel Office Furniture.
  • Tasco Appliance (November 2011).  We got the contract to paint all the locations of this major retailer. Benjamin Moore’s Aura paint was the paint specified for all surfaces. The low odour of this paint and quick drying quality is what made this job possible. This project  was during the busy retail season and all the work was late at night. For a painting contractor any work at that time of year is welcome.

Painting in Shopping Malls.

Painting in shopping malls presents more challenges. The mall management and security have specific rules for vendors. Loading docks and parking issues can be a logistical nightmare. The customer’s operating hours are not always the same as the shopping mall’s. A well managed contractor will take care of these arrangements for the customer.

One of our retail customers was Lululemon. They have several locations throughout the GTA. Some are in major Shopping Malls and some are on busy streets. We had the opportunity to paint all their locations several times each. These were fun painting projects but they were not without their challenges. As usual, the main difficulty was the timing of the work. Work started at 10 pm and paint was dry by 6 am. The stores opened for business in the morning with no lingering odours. At first we used the original Ecospec from Benjamin Moore. It worked fine but there was some paint smell with dark colours. When Benjamin Moore’s Aura came out, it made our job much easier. Even painting the larger stores in one night became possible.

What Colour to Paint a Store?

Shoppers most often choose what they buy based on color. In fact, it can account for up to 85 percent of the reason people buy one product over another. (According to the Color Marketing Group)
Colour study groups do a good job researching colour and trends for merchandise. But colour’s influence on consumer behavior isn’t confined to just merchandise. The colours surrounding customers while they’re shopping also can influence how they shop. Decorating a store is a business decision. The main reason a store exists is to make money. This means that you and your staff may be spending many hours a day in colours you don’t like.

We are a painting company and we know this well. Smart shop owners in Toronto also know this and keep us busy painting their stores.
Are you in need of Retail Store Painting? Our professionals can take care of your needs, without inconveniencing your customers. Call 416 733-7767 to request a quote.


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