Ecopainting in the Community

Ecopainting is a contractor located in Scarborough and servicing the Greater Toronto Area. Since our beginnings, we identified the real stakeholders of our company: Our painters, the environment and the community we service.

We depend on the community in many ways. We paint the homes and the businesses here. Our financial well being depends on the people that live and work here. We also employ local painters that live, commute, shop and even play in this community.

Getting in touch

Understanding the needs of customers and employees means connecting with them on a personal level. Personal in 2015 means connecting and communicating through social media. Through our social media accounts, we engage daily with our followers. We are definitely grateful for the opportunity but this year we decided to take it to a different level.

We will be interacting with our community on a personal level by conducting several educational meetings and get-togethers.

How to paint series – Free

This 3 day series will introduce painting, including hands on painting to 12 selected young people. It’s just an introduction to how we do things at Ecopainting. In no way this would qualify as full training, it’s more like sharing our knowledge. Having said that, if a participant wants to explore working as a painter as a career option, this intro might be helpful. The first series will start at the end of August 2015 and it will be conducted at our Scarborough shop. More information here.

Sharing our space – Free

There are times that our shop is not being used. Why not make the space available to worthwhile community groups that require meeting space.

Our leftover paint – Free for asking

Being an environmentally friendly company we realize that buying less means using less. We try hard to purchase exactly as much paint as we need. We are not always successful doing this, so we end up with extra gallons of perfectly good paint. Most of it in very nice colours. Paint stores sell mistints at reduced rates. We are happy to give it away free.

Creating educational opportunities with coating experts

Paints have changed drastically in the last 10 years. Manufacturers created better paints that actually pollute less than they used to. We will bring some guests speakers to educate us and the public about the latest in coatings. Since we moved our company to our painting shop in Scarborough, we have more control and flexibility to host these events.

Discussing decorating trends and influences with well known designers

Decorating trends change frequently. What was popular a few years ago looks dated already. Ecopainting works with designers and colour consultants in homes and businesses. We will ask some of them to share their thoughts and answer our questions.

Some events:

On July 30 Ecopainting will be hosting a talk with Janice Fedak at our Toronto location in Scarborough. We will be discussing how Nature impacts the colours we choose for our living space. Janice is a well known Toronto designer.

On June 24 we brought Pure & Original to our shop for a demo. Pure & Original is a paint company based in Holland, manufacturing products by using natural mineral ingredients. We also took advantage of this and turned some of our painters into trained Pure & Original applicators.

Most of these activities will take place in our own facility in Scarborough. We are located at 1345 Morningside avenue unit 20. Call 416 733-7767 for more information.

Later on as we get more experience on how to conduct such activities, we may utilize some public venues in the GTA. We hope to create an event in Mississauga to introduce ecopainting to that growing community.

We are very excited to be embarking on this. Feel free to check our events and Painter training pages.