Toronto Painting Jobs – Becoming a Painter for Ecopainting

  • Have you been searching online for painting jobs?
  • Are you an experienced painter in between jobs and searching for stability?
  • Are you a young man or woman considering the trades as a career option?

We like you to consider our company as an option. Ecopainting is an established painting contractor, always looking for good people and new painters. We think joining the trades is a wise move for anyone starting their career. Additionally, being a skilled painter during a recession, like the one coming up, helps “pay the bills”.

There are some good career options for the professional painter and let’s consider them:

Work as a subcontractor: You contract from another contractor who supplies the work. This can be a legitimate form of “work” but you are not really an employee. As a subcontractor you are running your own business as an independent contractor. For the majority of painters being a “sub” is just a different way of getting paid. The main reason a painting contractors pay other painters as subs is to avoid the responsibility of dealing with employees. By doing that, they don’t have pay for WSIB, safety training, employment insurance and other worker protection. Getting paid as a sub means you miss out on vacation pay, nine stat holidays and all basic worker rights.

A cash job: nothing to say here but there are many painters working for cash.

Formal apprenticeship and eventually work for a union contractor: If you can commit to 4 years of apprenticeship that includes class training, we certainly recommend it. 

Why should you get a Painting Job with Ecopainting?

Ecopainting Apprentice Painter

The driving force behind Ecopainting is the Painter. We think that painters come first, customers second. This may sound like backward thinking to most but our experience validates our thinking. An unhappy painter is never good for the customer experience.

Ecopainting employees

Ecopainting is a good and fun place to work. We are not your average painting contractor. We think our painters should make a good living. They receive 100% paid benefits and performance bonuses. We attract good people looking for a career and our turnover is low for the industry. Some of our painters are young and we give equal opportunities to women painters.  

Ecopainting Supports Women Painters

There are enough statistics documenting women’s participation and progress in the workforce. The number of women in the construction trades is small. This is also the case for women in the painting trade. There are even less women present in field management positions. You don’t see many opportunities for crew leaders, field managers and estimators. As is the case within the workforce, women perform the office and administration work in construction companies as well. In Ecopainting we want to change that by supporting women and valuing their contribution to the trades.

More reasons to Work for Ecopainting

  • Ecopainting is an equal opportunity employer, with a strict policy of non discrimination.
  • Everyone qualified, has an equal opportunity for employment or promotion.
  • We do not discriminate against race, religion, colour, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, medical condition, pregnancy, marital status, sex or age.
  • Due to our eco policies, exposure to solvents is minimized, making for a safer work place.
  • We run both residential & Commercial projects.
  • We offer year round work, with regular pay every 2 weeks.
  • Pay is above average with advancement opportunities.
  • Benefits and bonus opportunities are available.
  • Training and education for painters and apprentices
  • Safety training and certifications.
Commercial Toronto Painters with Ecopainting

What Positions are there in Ecopainting?

Job Manager. Also known as crew leader, the job manager manages the paint job. There are three major components that the JM manages: the customer, the painters, and the job (fulfillment and budget). In addition to managing, a job manager also paints and leads the crew by example.

Lead Painter. A lead painter is an experienced and skilled painter. In addition to painting, the “lead” supervises painters and trainees and manages a simple paint job. A lead painter shows leadership qualities on the field.

Painter. Most painters are trained on the job and some get their training through a formal apprenticeship. The main job is to prep surfaces and apply coatings as per industry standards.

Trainee or Apprentice. The term apprentice describes someone who is enrolled in a formal apprenticeship. While a trainee helps the painters and participates fully, the main responsibility is learning to paint.

Non painting positions. For a painting company to be successful it needs other employees in addition to painters. Some of these employees have previous field experience but it is not a prerequisite. Contractors employ some administrative and marketing help, as well as field estimating and operations personnel.

Ecopainting occasionally hires trainees, painters and job managers as well as support office staff for the office. We encourage you to complete the online application and send us your resume. As a small company we don’t have a Human Resources department and response time is not always the fastest. Having said that, we do look at all applications and interview the ones that fit our hiring criteria.