Guilt Trip For Painters

…and receive the benefits of “guilt-painting”

Sure, everyone talks about the benefits of Leadership and leaders are useful in a management team. Leadership can also be learned and practiced. But the majority of us are just painters. Some contractors have some business training but most of us have learned on the job. We learned different ways of getting the most production out of our painters and crews, by using some tried and true techniques that still work today. Today we will talk about:

The Guilt Trip

Parents, friends and spouses have all used this technique with varying success. It’s usefulness as a management method has been at best under-estimated. My experience is that Guilt can be a powerful motivator if used correctly.

Wait for a mistake

This works better with a young painter or a conscientious apprentice. Mistakes happen daily, so wait for a big one. You know… using the wrong colour, going to the wrong address, painting the wrong room, spilling some paint. Be Patient it will happen, no matter how good your painter or apprentice is.

Do not over-react

Over-reacting will antagonize the painter and you will achieve nothing. Try to minimize the mistake and pretend that it is not a big deal. Be as empathetic as possible, making sure they do not suspect your motives. You are there for support, don’t let them forget that. For the next few hours or next day or two, act like you, or the company are hurt by the incident. You can do that by mentioning it casually in conversation but always go back to the “it doesn’t matter” talk. Little annoying jokes can work, as long as they are done in private and not in front of their co-workers.

The benefits

If you have the right painters or apprentices, be prepared to receive the following.

  • Hard and productive work without complaining
  • Increased attention to detail, work orders and following of instructions
  • Increased signs of customer service
  • Very clean work sites
  • Increased punctuality and with a smile and if you are lucky:
  • Coffee or snacks bought for you for more than one day.

Just a note to our current painters
None of the above is about you.

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