A Local Toronto Painting Company

Ecopainting is a company of local Toronto Painters. We have always been servicing the Toronto area, so writing a blog about it may seem like overstating the obvious. Yet this question of what is a local business and how Google defines it is vital to service companies. In the case of our Painting Company, being local is a matter of great importance. Google has decided that unless a company has an actual physical location a few miles from Toronto City Hall, it is not worthy to be found in local search results. Even a painting company servicing and working the downtown area is not necessarily local. This is definitely a challenge for a small business with a limited budget. Purchasing or renting office space close to the centre of a city is very expensive and therefore prohibitive.

What makes us a Local Toronto Painting Company

Toronto’s borders are listed in Wikipedia as: Lake Ontario to the south, Etobicoke Creek and Highway 427 to the west, Steeles Avenue to the north and the Rouge River and the Scarborough-Pickering Townline to the east. As far as I know, this is quite accurate and it has been since the Amalgamation decision. Our office space is located in Scarborough, which is definitely within Toronto’s borders. Our Morningside and 401 location was decided because it was spacious, inexpensive and convenient to most of us. We do some painting in Scarborough, but the majority of our customers are definitely in the core of the city. As far as geography goes, we are not any less of a local Toronto Painting company because of our mailing address.

We paint here

The majority of our business and painting activity takes place in Toronto. That should be reason enough to call us a local Toronto Painting Company. There are other reasons and I will list some of them, as I feel that they are important. We are also planning to write a series of blogs about projects and experiences in the different Toronto neighbourhoods. Neighbourhoods like the Beaches, Riverdale, Parkdale and others make Toronto what it is.  Our company has been painting for customers in these neighbourhoods for years. I don’t want to sound anachronistic with the following comment, but we were here before Google search even existed.

And yes, we paint throughout the GTA.

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