Newmarket Painters and Commercial Painting Contractors

Feeling neglected by the big painting contractors in GTA? Despair not! As GTA’s most mobile and eco-friendly painting company, we will very gladly paint your home or business in Newmarket. Before you search hard for a painting service provider, make sure you screen the company you are hiring. Many painting contractors have the necessary qualifications but some do not. It is in your best interests to gather estimates from reputable painting companies and then make a decision.

As a new homeowner or an established business – you want a professional painting job to spruce up that exterior or maybe brighten up that interior. At Ecopainting, our painters have been serving Newmarket homes and local businesses for a long time now.

Residential Painting Services in Newmarket

The hallmark of an excellent paint job is decided much before the actual painting begins. Our job at Ecopainting begins the moment a customer reaches out to us. To save you trouble, an Ecopainting representative will set up an appointment with you to meet personally at your convenience.  An in-person meeting ensures that both the customer and Ecopainting understand the needs/concerns if any about the paint job required. Ecopainting will also take into account any special requests you may have – for e.g. you may prefer that our painters do their work during certain hours etc. We’ll be happy to accommodate such requests provided they have been agreed upon and made in advance. Once we have this conversation, solutions will be discussed and a detailed proposal will be drafted. This document simply states what will be painted, exclusions and of course, the cost!

Our Newmarket Painters have completed a number of residential and commercial projects in the York region. We have not just done work for homes, but also painted both interiors and exteriors for stores, buildings and offices. Over a period of time, our customer base has expanded significantly as a result of the quality service and work we offer.

The Colour Conundrum

Colours have great versatility – at times a red can brighten up a child’s playroom but make a hospital suite seem too loud. Painting is equally effective when all you require is some basic maintenance or to freshen up your home. However, it isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Choosing the right colour is a crucial decision and one that requires considerable thought. At Ecopainting, we will gladly help you with the colour selection and even connect you with certified colour consultants. Once you make your choice, our Newmarket Painters will immediately begin painting and the colour schedule will be clearly laid out.

Home stairway painted by local painters

Commercial Painting Services in Newmarket

Newmarket is fast becoming a popular choice among businesses due to its proximity to Highway 404. As far as development, part of Newmarket is located in the Oak Ridges Moraine. The Province requires that the Town of Newmarket’s Official Plan conforms to the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan. All applications for development and site alteration on lands within the Oak Ridges Moraine Plan Area will only be considered where it can be demonstrated that they comply with the provisions of the Plan. Apart from that, it is a great location for commercial development. Our professional painters have had opportunities to paint for some of Newmarket’s new and upcoming businesses.

At Ecopainting, about 50% of business comes from commercial clients. In contrast to residential customers, the scale and type of painting job needed may differ but the ultimate expectation is the same – Peace of mind. When you have a facility manager managing properties or a large property, their job is to ensure that everything runs smoothly. For this, they need to work with contractors who not only understand this but also work with them to get the painting project completed efficiently and according to the proposed scope of work. If you are in charge of a commercial facility, our estimator will ensure that you have all the necessary information such as: Liability Insurance certificate, WSIB clearance documentation, or any other required safety certificates.

Our work speaks for itself. We have hundreds of verified testimonials from both commercial and residential customers who keep coming back to us for more! Our staff is polite, well-trained and very professional – reach out to Ecopainting today!

We ALSO paint:

  • Buildings and condominiums
  • Townhouse complexes
  • Warehouses
  • Educational institutions
  • Health Care facilities

How are we different? We operate in a niche – as a ‘green’ company, not only do we use paints that are low on VOCs and gentle on the environment, each function of our business embraces the commitment to our environment.

Recent Home Painting Project in Newmarket

Interior painting project in Newmarket

This was an interesting painting project for a new homeowner in Newmarket. The job was to strip wallpaper and bring the life back to an older home they just purchased. The Client was very excited upon our arrival she literally couldn’t wait to see the changes we were about to make in her home. 

She had very unique, bold, and beautiful ideas for how she wanted her new home to look, from all black rooms to a blue hallway with a Dark blue ceiling all the way to the end. It was definitely exciting and a pleasure to transform this beautiful home in Newmarket! 

Wallpaper removal service in Newmarket

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