Exterior Painting of North York House – Natalie’s story.

North York is a beautiful area to explore if you are in one of its neighbourhoods. There are a number of well designed, luxurious homes worthy of being featured in a magazine. Ecopainting gets a number of painting jobs in North York every summer, many of them being exterior. The residents here take pride in their homes and keep the exteriors well maintained. We have done work for a large number of homes in the area. The newer, bigger homes keep our exterior crews busy for long periods of time. Whereas, the older homes are smaller in size but may require more attention to detail.

Irrespective of the size of your house, Ecopainting delivers superior paint jobs  and a great customer experience each time. A while ago, we painted a home in the Bathurst & Lawrence area. Our client was impressed with the painting crew as we expected but she could’t say enough about Rachel, the job manager assigned to her home.

While requesting a customer testimonial is a part of our closing procedure, there are instances when clients go out of their way to describe their experience with us. It is these notes that we treasure and display on our website. Words of encouragement are hard to come by but Natalie from North York had a lot to say!

Here is an excerpt from the email Natalie wrote to us right after Ecopainting painted her North York home:

“We have done numerous renovations on our North York home since we bought it in 2006. We knew that it was a house that needed and would continue to need a lot of love. “She (Rachel, a Job Manager)” has not let us down! Over the years, we have had a number of crews come to our home and it has usually felt very intrusive and we have usually felt out of control in the whole process. Ecopainting has been the exception. The first time Rachel phoned at 7:45 to let us know that they would not be starting at 9 a.m. with an explanation as to why, I was completely shocked! It was so respectful and allowed both my husband and I to feel in control of our schedules – which is extremely important when you work from home. In all our years and projects dealing with contractors this had never happened.

Rachel is not only a fantastic young woman who loves both people and her work, but she happens to be an excellent painter. Her background in Fine Arts means that she takes painting seriously – even house painting! The job she did managing the crew and the quality of work she did, in the time frame it took, was worth every penny we paid. We have never had so many requests for input and feedback about the work that they were doing. The feedback was not only listened to and appreciated but acted upon immediately. This really is not the norm!

We have a few more complex projects coming up and we will definitely use Ecopainting again”

Warmly, Natalie

Ecopainting  has dedicated crews of painters and job managers who are deeply committed to their responsibilities. It is often difficult to quantify or review the experiences you have had with a home service company. That’s where we go the extra mile and make your exterior painting experience memorable and pleasant.

2017 Recent Project – Painting Ruby’s Home Exterior Again

Painting the exterior of a North York again home 8 years later

We first worked on this home exterior in June of 2009. It was a large home in the York Mills and Bayview area of North York. The job manager was Joanne, a young aspiring teacher and an excellent crew leader. Benjamin Moore’s new Aura paint was new and quickly became our go to exterior product. We used Aura everywhere except the front and side doors. They were previously painted in oil paint and we decided it would be safe to paint them with oil again. The job was completed successfully and we left the house feeling confident that this paint job will last a long time.  

June 2017 time to paint again!

In the spring of 2017, we were contacted to paint the exterior of the home again. It was nice to see the customer again and we had an opportunity to observe the performance of the products.

The oil paint on the doors did not fare well. It was a dark colour semi-gloss by Para Paints. The colour had completely faded and the brilliant semi-gloss turned into flat. The Aura paint that we used on the trim and windows looked as glossy as new and there was very little fading. This was an example of why alkyd paints are a bad choice for exterior and that top quality acrylics rule the day.

We decided to use Aura again, even more confident of its performance this time around. It was nice for our new painters to meet Ruby and experience her amazing hospitality. She often made sure our painters had lunch and there was a constant supply of tea and cookies. While we were there for the exterior, we painted one of the bathrooms on the second floor and touched up the ceiling in the living room.

We received this review in Homestars:

“This is the second time I used this company to paint the exterior of my home. From getting quote to the final finishing of the project, it was a pleasant experience. Everyone involved in the project worked hard to provide excellent service. Thank you Karon, George, Alex, Aidan and Travis. All your hard work are very much appreciated. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to friends and relatives”

The streets of North York - Exterior painters

The neighbourhood noticed our lawn sign and the company vehicles coming and going daily. The next door neighbour hired us to paint the interior of his newly purchased home and we gained another customer on the street a few days later.

If you are in North York or need painters anywhere in the GTA – don’t wait for eight years! Schedule your exterior painting job today – call us on 416-733-7767 for an estimate.