Painters in the Toronto Beaches Area – Interior & Exterior Painting for Homes and Storefronts

Ecopainting is a Toronto painting contractor with a rich history of servicing “The Beaches”. Being in the east end of Toronto, our painters find the morning trek to work much more pleasant on Kingston Road. Working at “The Beach” is always interesting, especially during the warm days of the year. There is a “cottage like” feel when painting or staining homes in the area and it’s not because of the proximity to the beach.

The Beaches have Kingston Road on the north, the lake to the south, between Victoria Park to the east and Woodbine Avenue to the west.

The main commercial district on Queen Street East is full of unique stores and thriving businesses. There is a variety of homes ranging from small semi-detached houses, to large Victorian and Edwardian styles. In the lakefront neighbourhoods you will find larger custom homes, thoughtfully designed to fit in the area. This relatively dense housing and beautiful homes make the Beach a great market for house painters and other contractors. Homeowners here take great pride in their homes and keep up with their maintenance and appearance. Every spring and summer, you can see and hear the hustle and bustle of renovation in every neighbourhood.

The average income of residents in the Beaches area is much higher than most of Toronto locations. Many homeowners have decided to call the Beach their permanent home, and why not? The low crime rate and proximity to schools and parks make this the jewel of Toronto neighbourhoods.

Beaches painting customer

Being part of such a great community, maintaining and upgrading your home makes sense. From spring to fall every year, trades people and GTA painters flock here and stay busy servicing the Beaches community. You can’t escape the sounds of ladders and hammers or the yard signs on the lawns. This is a neighbourhood under constant upkeep and renovation. For many years Ecopainting has been offering painting services to local residents. We service the home and business owners of the GTA but most of our painters live in the east end. In 2012 we purchased our own office and shop space to service the growing needs of our company.

Our office is located in Scarborough at 1345 Morningside Avenue. If you need local painters, ask your neighbours, they probably heard of us, or seen our vehicles and signage. We currently have two crews that service the Beaches area.

A Beaches customer and their experience with our “lovely” painters

Janice and Larry hired us to paint the interior of their home in 2013. This was a really nice home on  Maclean Ave, just steps from the lake. The home was in great condition but needed some new colour. Janice hired the consulting services of Colour Theory and Sylvia O’ Brien. Sylvia is a colour consultant that we work with and provide painting services for her clients. As usual she recommended Ecopainting for the project. A few weeks later we started painting their home with the new colours and Benjamin Moore paint.

It seems that our painters made quite an impression to our new clients. Here is what Janice said to Sylvia: Hi Sylvia, thank you for the recommendation for EcoPainting.  They are here and slapping that paint on. Larry’s den is already done and they’re in the great room today. They are lovely people. Larry is very pleased with the quality of workmanship. He’s very particular so this is a great compliment”.

This was a great project for us. The colours were from one of Benjamin Moore’s neutral palettes, mixed in Regal Select, which is a great top line paint. It is extremely durable and an improvement to their previous Collection line. The Regal Select line is also very painter friendly, in how it hides and levels during the application. The trim, including some shelving was painted in Aura Satin. Aura is a low VOC paint but has enough resins left that make it a durable paint for trim.

Janice left the following comment on our Facebook Page:We just had Eco Painting in to paint the interior of our 2000 Square Foot house. They were done in 7 days. The crew was extremely professional, polite and clean. The workmanship was high quality. We are very, very pleased and will hire them again. We would not hesitate to give them a referral”.

Exterior painting at the Beach

Painting the Exterior of the Beautiful Homes of The Beaches

A lot of the work in the Beaches area consists of exterior painting work.These are not your run of the mill suburban homes with maintenance free surfaces.These exteriors have a lot of surface to paint. Wood windows need a lot of prep and carpentry. The main body of these houses have stucco, brick or siding and some have a lot of trim detail. A painting crew can stay busy in a neighbourhood all summer, moving from house to house.

Despite marketing claims of some franchise painters, good work takes time to do properly. Surfaces should never be painted unless they are 100% dry. Even some of the prep work has to be done under ideal temperatures and conditions. The paints themselves dry faster than ever but the curing times need to be observed between coats. Exterior surfaces in Toronto get a lot of abuse from the elements and the severe temperature changes. If a paint job is to last a long time, manufacturer’s recommendations for prep and coating should be observed. In fact, most warranties are voided if paint is not applied properly.

Yours is one of our favourite neighbourhoods to paint in. The beautiful homes, the streets, and the community keep us coming back year after year. Call us at 416 733-7767, we will meet with you and will be ecstatic to start working on your home.

We offer painting services to the east end including Scarborough, Pickering and Ajax.

Beaches Home on Beech Avenue painted

Does your home exterior need painting? Perhaps your interior could use some new colour. Our professional painters can help.