Painting: We Make It Look Easy

Big box stores tout painting as being an easy task, which, if the job is simple enough, can be accurate, but could also go terribly wrong, because delivering a professional quality paint job is harder than it looks. The following comments are heard too often for painting to be a simple enough task:

  • The kitchen looks terrible, it could use two more coats!
  • These scratches on the floor were not there before.
  • Dust is everywhere in the house, we were only doing the downstairs!
  • The lines are terrible, I could have done a better job myself
  • Now that the snow is melting, I can see cigarette butts everywhere, when did they have any time to paint with all these smoke breaks!
  • The walls look terrible, they painted right over the patches.
  • Don’t they sand anything?
  • “Almost empty” paint cans everywhere.

It wasn’t supposed to happen like this. Sure, they were the cheapest by far, but the “Painter” said he is very experienced and he will do all the work himself. “Quality work at lowest prices” said the ad.

How hard can it be anyway? The prime time “Decorina” makes it look so easy on TV. If I had the time I could do it myself…

“You can do it we can help!” proclaims the friendly Big Box store.

Finding professional painters is not easy. It is not unusual for painting companies to go through hundreds of applicants, to only hire a handful of professionals. Student Painter, low wage outfits will say otherwise, but apprenticeship in painting consists of over 6,000 hours. This type of training, or similar experience, cannot be replaced easily. A reputable painting contractor with professional painters and a solid customer service reputation is good value. Considering all the clean ups, possible damage, and having to re-do areas again, the initial cheapest estimate, is not that cheap at all.

I think it was Benjamin Franklin that said:

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten

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