Is there a real benefit to hiring a Professional Painting Company? Every day the countless decorating shows keep telling us that anyone can paint. All you need is a few rolls of masking tape, some paint, a can opener, a few stirring sticks and you are ready to go. “You can do it we can help” proclaims the big box slogan.

The reality may be different. A professional painter has thousands of hours on the job training. Whether that training came from apprenticeship training or real hands on experience with a contractor, there are many benefits to using professional painters. A professional considers painting a career. As a result, a good, experienced painter cares enough and knows how to do a beautiful paint job for a customer.

Can You really Paint it Yourself?

The least endearing phrase you can say to a painter is: “I would do it myself, I just don’t have the time right now”
How could that be? Painting is actually one of the most difficult trades to learn. It takes about six thousand hours of training, just to go through the apprenticeship alone. Painting Contractors have difficulties finding skilled help and in Toronto at least, the trade has high turnover rates.

So how can “non painters” with a straight face proclaim that they would do it themselves?

Is it possible?

“You can do it we can help” is a slogan of the big box retailer catering to the needs of the DIYer. Painting your home can be as simple or as difficult as you want it to be.
Some homeowners are handy enough to do an acceptable looking paint job if they take their time and especially if they have some previous experience painting the homes they lived in.

Some Painting Tips and Advice

Go to your local paint store for supplies. We think you get better service and better products at a paint store than a Big Box store. You would need most of the following painting supplies:

  • Brushes, rollers with a roller cage and a paint tray.
  • A ladder and an extension pole to reach high areas.
  • Drop-cloths, some plastic and masking tape to protect what you are not painting.
  • Cleaning solution and rags, primer if needed.
  • Patching compound, patching knives, sandpaper, a caulking gun with a caulking tube
  • and of course the right type paint and colour (paint stores have thousands of samples)

If you have not done much painting before, there is enough information available online to help you with the basic techniques and product choice. The retailer can help with the correct paint and tools to use and always read the directions by the manufacturer.

  • Before you do any work, move furniture to the middle and cover it.
  • Remove window coverings and pictures and take them out of the room if possible.
  • Remove any hardware that you don’t want paint on such as electrical outlet covers.
  • Cover the floors.
  • Wash any stains, patch holes and cracks.
  • Sand the patches, prime them, or prime entire room
  • Now paint the room.

The above are supplies and the basic steps needed to do a basic painting job. You will need to research the proper techniques to perform such tasks as patching, painting and preferably practice somewhere before your final attempt.
It is possible for a homeowner to do a basic painting job and many have done it well.

Keep in mind that preparation work, painting and even gathering all the equipment, materials and resources is very time consuming and can get very expensive itself.

Ecopainting Inc. is a local Toronto Painting company that uses only career oriented employees to service their customers. By making a commitment to our painters and not hiring sub contractors, the end user, the customer benefits the most. Peace of mind is what most of us are looking for when purchasing any service.

The wonderful decorating experience as well as the paint job itself may be the result of hiring professionals.

Doing it yourself  is absolutely possible by following the tips and advice available to homeowners.

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