How to Find the Best Residential Painters for Your Toronto Home

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Homeowners looking for residential Toronto painters have a challenge on their hands. Painting is a professional service and as such, customer satisfaction depends mostly on the service provider of choice. It is not about putting the paint on the surface, not even about how good the painters are. The paint job has to look good and that’s a given but the smart consumer wants the house painter to manage the entire experience. It should all start with the first phone call and later the estimate. Expectations need to be clear, right from the start. The customer and the contractor should always be on the same page and all concerns should be answered before the job even starts.

Before you Hire a Painter, ask this Important Question:

Who will paint your home? Does the contractor have their own employees or do they “sub out” the job to someone else? Ask about the painters, be inquisitive, this is important in many ways. Do they know who they will send to your home? How long have they worked for them? Are they in fact employees of the company or the next sub-contractor available? These are fair questions and they have clear answers.
Fact: 90% of house painting companies don’t have their own employees. After hiring company A, the homeowner finds out that smaller company B is painting the house. We don’t think that’s fair and transparent. The contractor should disclose this to the customer upfront. You have a right to know, since the painters will be around your family, your pets and your belongings.
At Ecopainting we have a policy of using our own employees. If you hire our company, you will get our own trained painters. How Important is this? We think it’s very important, let’s see what Janice Taylor said:
…It was a fabulous experience. Uma and crew were very professional. Clean, tidy with excellent workmanship. My husband is very particular about painting and he said he could not have done a better job. Some days there were 5 people in the house working and you would never know it; they were so focused on the work at hand. They helped us to get the furniture in the middle of the room. We didn’t even have to put away collectibles. We just put them on the tables and they covered everything with plastic and worked around it. The staff were talented young people who were well-trained…”
Janice and Larry live at the Beaches. They own a lovely home right next to the lake and hired Ecopainting to paint their entire interior. Two years later they had us come back to do some more work including some exterior painting. Janice has since referred us to some of her contacts.

Two Wonderful Video Reviews by a Benjamin Moore Dealer and a Colour Consultant

Ecopainting has been a reputable house and condominium contractor in the GTA for many years. We wouldn’t be able to provide the service our clients expect without the help we get daily from our paint dealers, designers and colour consultants. The following video reviews are from two companies we consider as our partners.

Boyd’s Decorating has helped thousands of contractors and homeowners with high quality paints and advice for the last 45 years. Paul was gracious to share his experience with Ecopainting.

Colour Theory is a colour consulting firm with over 30 years of experience creating custom palettes and recommending colours to hundreds of clients in the GTA. We had a chance to interview Sylvia O’ Brien about her experience of working with our company.  

Ecopainting review by Benjamin Moore Dealer

Video Review by Sylvia O' Brien of Colour Theory

The Main Residential Services Offered By Ecopainting

Interior Painting Services 

Paint and coatings technology have come a long way. Flats are more washable and glossy finishes are odourless. The colour and interior decor industry is blossoming with exciting decor ideas. Homeowners follow decorating blogs and frequent social media sites for inspiration. If that is not enough, professional colour help is widely accessible. Colour consultants can turn the client’s inspiration into beautiful living spaces. There are even decorative finishes for  adventurous homeowners.

A good painter knows that preparation is the key to a paint job. Surfaces must be clean and dust free. A good interior painting job includes patching & sanding of cracks, holes and imperfections. Covering and masking will protect the customer’s property and valuables. The quality of paint is important for many reasons. Good paint has low odour, is more washable and it looks better. The cost of paint itself is less than 20% of the contract price. Using top quality paint is a wise financial decision.

Exterior House Painting Services

Coming home to a freshly painted exterior is an amazing feeling. Curb appeal is important to Toronto residents. Beautiful homes in different styles are in every neighbourhood.  How important is curb appeal and home maintenance? Pride of ownership aside, a well maintained home is money well spent.
Toronto winters are harsh and exterior surfaces take a beating. Surfaces exposed to the elements need the most protection. Wood replacement is expensive and finding good carpenters is an adventure in itself. A good paint job with quality paints is the best insurance against the elements.

How do you make your exterior paint last longer? By hiring the best contractors and using the best paint.

Ecopainting exteriors

Is it a Good Idea to Paint the House Before Selling?

Real Estate professionals will always suggest painting your home before listing it. A freshly decorated property is easier to sell and can be sold at a higher price. House prices in Toronto are some of the highest in the country. Making a home more presentable is a good investment and it doesn’t even have to be expensive. Rooms need to look neutral and warm with all the surfaces clean and maintained. There should be no sign of water damage or anything that can raise a red flag to the future buyers.

The exterior of the home is about making a great first impression. Paint the front of the house with colours that blend well with it’s surroundings. Address any carpentry issues and caulk the windows where necessary. Your real estate agent may be a resource for paint contractors and staging professionals. Ecopainting works with Real Estate agents to provide painting services in the GTA.

About the Paint Job of a Brand New Home

There is something invigorating about moving into a new home. Starting new, in a new subdivision, holds a lot of intrigue to homeowners. Newer designs, modern amenities, it’s a new promise for family living. The whole process is about that promise and whether the builder delivered on it. From the paint contractors perspective that promise is rarely kept. Most new homes do not make the grade. The paint is cheap and it looks cheap. The finish quality and priming are usually inferior. Homeowners can address these issues but they will likely not get a resolution. It’s a good idea to live in the home for a full year before redecorating. The most important paint job for a home is the first one after the builder’s. Look at Ecopainting for your new home painting services.

Are you painting your condo? Perhaps your new loft needs paint.

Toronto residents are moving into condominiums in large numbers. It may be lifestyle reasons, convenience or just downsizing. Whatever the reason, a big number of condos is changing hands. New condos are also sprouting up everywhere. Signage and advertisements are promoting the condo and loft lifestyle. Experts have been predicting the demise of the condo real estate market for years. Yet there are buyers for all new condo housing so far. Who is actually going to paint all these condos? There are important details to consider when hiring painters. Are they experienced with painting condos? There are building regulations about parking and loading. Do they have enough painters to accommodate a last minute closing date? Is it possible to get a quote before getting possession of the unit? And what about the paint job and the customer experience? Are the painters environmentally friendly?

Crishyami contracted Ecopainting to decorate her North York condo. Her number one concern was convenience and timing. Crishyami was pleasantly surprised after her condo was completely transformed in just one day:
“The place looks great and the work was very detailed and neat. Sarah and Carlos were extremely efficient and completed the work way ahead of schedule. Which was a pleasant surprise!”

Wallpaper Removal

Everyone has wallpaper removal stories to tell and so do we. Wallpaper is making a comeback according to the wallcovering industry. There will be a lot of wallpaper to remove in the future. Will that ever make our painters happy! Wallpaper used to be popular years ago. As a result, many homes in Toronto are stuck with ugly and old wallpaper. It doesn’t have to be like that! It can come off and replaced with a beautiful paint, or with new wallpaper.
Some wallpaper is easy to remove and all it leaves behind is the glue residue. Other wallpaper is more difficult. So difficult in fact, that drywalling over it is a much cheaper option.
Easy or difficult, check our wallpaper removal services.  We removed so much of it, we have become the specialists.

Ecopainting is different than most painting companies in the GTA. We offer to our customers what most house painters cannot. Painting that exceeds industry standards carried out by our own amazing painters.

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Original page was published on October 30, 2014. Latest update on December 16 2017.