What Colour To Paint Your Bathroom

Choosing colour for the bathroom is a little more difficult than for most rooms. In fact when we paint a home, this relatively small room often becomes an after-thought and sometimes not painted at all. There are couple of reasons that I can think of:
Personalisation. Because we spend a lot of time in the bathroom, this is one of the most personal spaces in the house. The style usually reflects the homeowner’s personality more than in any other room. This is the case for any size bathroom or even any style. Eventhough it’s only paint and only colour, people are afraid of choosing the wrong colour.
Being a relatively small space, every colour choice is magnified. The same goes for fixtures, tiles and lighting options. As a result, a small mistake here will look bigger than it is.

Colour tips for Small bathrooms

Picking colours can feel like an overwhelming design chore. In small bathrooms picking colour can be even more difficult. The following tips can be helpful with that endeavour.

If there isn’t a lot of natural light, try using lighter colours.

White is good but also light pastels work well. We have been using a lot of light blue – aqua type of colours. With the right accessories it can help create the cool and comfortable spa-like feeling.

In a bathroom there are many elements that command too much attention for such a small space. Use contrast in accessories (or wall colour) but keep contrasting colours to a minimum.  

A mirror should be used wisely. There is no point having a large mirror if it reflects a towel bar. A smaller and pretty mirror can still add the illusion of space and should reflect a soft wall colour or some soft toned artwork.
You can find more tips about painting and decorating small bathrooms in our blog.

No sheen is necessary for bathrooms

You don’t have to use a shiny paint in a bathroom

The bathroom is a humid and steamy place, especially after a hot shower. Common wisdom was to use semigloss paint in order to avoid water streaks and stains. A few years ago “kitchen and bath” paints were pearl or satin finish to avoid using a lot of gloss. Recently we have been using Benjamin Moore’s Aura Bath & Spa which is a matte finish paint. This paint retains its colour even if it is applied 24 hours before a steamy shower. Being a matte finish, it allows for better colour choices.

Colour for a “Jack and Jill” bathroom

Known as a Jack and Jill, the bathroom that connects two bedrooms is often one of the hardest spaces to select a paint colour for. Because this is a shared space, different tastes need to be taken into consideration, as well as the colours of the rooms on either side. If the space is shared by a boy and a girl, the colour choices can get even trickier. Luckily there are several ways you can select a paint colour for this space that will blend perfectly with the user’s preferences.

More Ways to Pick a Paint Colour for a Jack and Jill Bath

No matter what your particular set up, there are ways you can find the perfect paint colour for your Jack and Jill bath.

Inspiring Accent Colours

Jack and Jill baths are centered between two bedrooms and used as shared space between the two. Therefore it makes sense that the colour of the bathroom reflects the colour of the bedrooms on either side. If both bedrooms are the same colour, it’s fine to extend that colour right through the bathroom as well.

But if the bedrooms are two different colours one of the best ways to pick the bathroom colour is to find a common accent between the two bedrooms. In other words, same rules apply as choosing a colour for any room, just take a look at both bedrooms to find something. Look at throw pillows, bedspreads, curtains, rugs, lamps, and artwork and try to find a colour that exists in both spaces. If you do, pull it – or a lighter shade of it if it’s a very dark colour – to work as the bathroom colour. Then reverse it; use the main colours of the two bedrooms as the accent colours for the bath.

Using Two Colours

Jack and Jill baths are shared spaces, therefore it makes total sense to use two different colours in the room – one colour to reflect each one of the users. To make this look work, try to find two colours that work well together. This could mean using complementary colours – blue and yellow for example – or it could mean using colours that are directly next to one another on the colour wheel – blue and green in this case.
If you go this route, consider using the vanity/sink area as the dividing point. Keep this wall neutral, or tile it around the mirror. Paint the walls adjacent to it the two colours, one on each side.

Colour for a Jack and Jill bathroom

Staying Neutral

Neutrals are always a good direction to go in this scenario. Painting the walls tan, cream, linen, or taupe lets you use accent colours taken from each bedroom without worrying about clashing. If you do go this route, consider keeping the tile colour neutral as well, and inject a blend of accent colours such as a row of mixed-colour mosaics that reflect the accent colours through the room as well to get the best results.

Choose Something Different

If a compromise can’t be made between the two bedrooms, and neutral isn’t working for you, consider going in a completely different direction than either of the bedrooms. For example, if you have a blue bedroom and a purple bedroom, mix it up and go completely different in the bathroom by going green instead. If you go this route, the important thing to keep in mind is the colour’s tone. Make the bathroom colour the same tone as the two bedroom colours to show that the three spaces are linked, rather than separate.

Try a Theme

One really easy way to choose a paint colour for a Jack and Jill bath is to pick a theme for the room and paint in the theme colours. For example, if you choose a sea or beach theme for the room, you could paint the walls a sand colour or a sea-glass green. Fill the space with plenty of accents and accessories to cement your theme; this will create a cohesive space that is separate from the two bedrooms so there isn’t a lack of continuity.

(Jack and Jill bath colour suggestions are by Sarabeth Asaff)

Why not paint bathroom white and black

Colour Your Bathroom

Whether your bathroom is small or large there is always a decorating solution. Decorating with paint is a lot of fun and the bathroom is certainly a space that invites creativity.

Ecopainting can help you decorate. Arrange a consultation today and bring our wonderful painters into your home.

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