Condo Painting Service in Toronto

Condo painting is becoming a big part of our painting services, especially for our Downtown Toronto Painters. Construction trucks, lane closures, and an ever changing Toronto skyline are all signs of a building boom with no end in sight. Tens of thousands of condo units are mass produced every year and they will become homes to an ever growing population. According to the Canadian Motgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) there are over 60,000 condominium units under construction in 2013. This is good news to construction companies servicing the Toronto area. Painting companies in particular are contracted to paint these condo units and make them ready for occupancy. New construction painting is not necessarily the best that our trade has to offer. Mass production and quality do not coexist. Paints used by a condo builder are inexpensive and their pollution level is higher. Labour is cheap and the workmanship is non existent. Builder’s paint jobs have a reputation that is mostly well earned. Considering how much a consumer pays for a new condo in Toronto, this is unfortunate.

The better quality painting companies specialize in the repainting market. The main reason is that a contractor can now deal directly with the homeowner or their designer. After the condo owners move in, the low quality paints and workmanship does not meet their expectations. The interior decorating industry recognizes and caters to that need and the consumer is better for it. Paint choice, colours and decorating ideas are abundant and residential painters are just a Google search away. The homeowner is in control of the cost of painting their condo and all the value factors.

Types of Condominium

Land in the downtown area is at a premium, as a result the majority of condominium units are condo apartments. A big number of Condominium apartment buyers often purchase them for investment purposes. Real Estate market conditions dictate how often they redecorate their condos. Townhouse condos and Lofts are becoming popular with younger couples and families that need more space for living. But townhouse and loft condominium units are popular with young couples and new families.

Townhouse Condominium

A Townhouse is designed to look like a semi-detached home and it’s usually narrower. These homes have 2 or 3 levels and a lot of living space that young families and couples appreciate. The main floor area is usually an open space concept with the bedrooms being on the upper level. Decorating a townhouse is always exciting as every floor presents great possibilities. We had the pleasure of helping many of our customers decorate their townhomes and the following are some of the written testimonials we received:

Extremely happy with the people. The painting and the workmanship is excellent. Everything completed and looks great, very neat with clean lines.” Sarah A. about painting her downtown condo. Ecopainting was a pleasure to work with. They were professional, friendly and thorough-taking the time to explain the process to me. Great job!” Judy F. Owner of a North York Condo.

The painters arrived on time and the set up was fast and efficient. I greatly appreciate the cleanliness, it saved me hours of cleaning, dusting and washing. The freshly walls look very nice!” Agnes R. hired our condo painters before listing and selling her unit.

Loft Condominium

Classic loft condos are converted from old industrial buildings. There are also “loft style” condos that are new and built to resemble the traditional lofts. Lofts are found in older Toronto neighbourhoods such as King Street West, the Brewery District and the Junction. Lofts offer more space, higher ceilings and an industrial look because of the exposed beams and brick. What makes them unique also makes them difficult to decorate. High ceilings require bigger ladders and equipment and that is often difficult to bring into the unit. The decorating challenge is the attempt to create a warm space without losing the industrial uniqueness of the condo. Ecopainting has a lot of experience in decorating city lofts. Our painters are trained to work at heights and to deal with large spaces safely. The colour consultants and designers we work with are a great resource for decorating such space. The following are written customer comments we received from loft owners:

I saw the place last night! It really looks fantastic! Great job! I picked up the keys from the front desk too. Thanks for your hard work and attention to detail. All the best to your company!” Erik M. is an owner of a new loft on Queen Street West.

Leanne, Karon and the entire crew were very professional and friendly. They did an amazing job. They completely transformed my loft!” Carol M. hired Ecopainting to paint her loft on Merton Street in mid Toronto.

Leanne, Deborah and Karon did an excellent job. The work was to a very high standard. They were very good about letting me know of any potential overrun or additional work that might need doing. Our new place looks amazing. Thanks!” Lorraine O. commenting about our painters that painted her Brewery district loft.

Decorating Tips for Condos

  • Painting with light bright colours can create the illusion of space. Using monochromatic colour schemes will “smoothen out” architectural details such as bulkheads sliding closet doors and other unique condominium features.
  • Bright sunlight, flooding through large sliding doors and windows can increase the possible range of colour choices. Smaller windows and less light on the other hand will restrict the range of useful colour choices.
  • If downsizing from a larger home is the reason of moving into a condo, significant pieces of furniture, rich accessories, artwork and sentimental pieces have a major influence on the choice of colour. Use them for inspiration as they usually mean a lot to you.
  • When painting a small condo, a can of paint can go a long way. Paint major visible element such as the kitchen cupboards, the main doors or some bulkheads with a bright or strong colour and leave the rest of it neutral.

Popular blogs keep sprouting up all over social media offering advice to new condo dwellers. Finding resources to decorate your condo will not be a problem these days. Apartment therapy is such a blog full of practical decorating advice and simple tips. Note: Some rental leases do not allow tenants painting their apartments themselves. Contact us at Ecopainting to take care of your apartment decotrating needs.

Hassle Free Condo Painting

Ecopainting Inc. is a painting company of choice of new condo and loft owners. We have experience in dealing with important details such as working with the concierge, the rules of the condominium, parking arrangements, closing dates, loading restrictions etc. How these details are handled can “make or break” the new condo decorating experience. Our painters provide amazing service and go out of their way to minimize any inconvenience to the customer by following these basic procedures.

  • We use low pollution, zero VOC paint for all interior painting projects.
  • Any dust during prep work is contained and cleaned up daily
  • We cover and protect floors and customer property with clean drop-cloths
  • The job is sequenced so that your entire condo is not turned upside down.
  • We move the heavy furniture and place it back as soon as the paint dries

Ecopainting’s painters are well versed in customer service and trained to respond and take care of any concerns the customer may have during our condo painting projects.Are you a property manager or a new condo owner needing a painting company? Call 416 733-7767 to request a painting estimate.

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