Painting the Exteriors of Riverdale Homes and Local Businesses

Are you looking for local painters to paint your home in Riverdale? Maybe you are a business owner thinking that the exterior of your establishment could use some sprucing up? We think you should consider hiring Ecopainting. We love painting in Riverdale and our customers are ecstatic with the service that they receive. During the last twenty years we have painted homes, stripped and stained decks, porches and painted schools and daycares.

This is what Pascal said about his experience with our company:
Great Job and nice people! You guys went way beyond, even giving us tips and advice, even though it was about other tasks to be undertaken without your help! Thank you and see you when we decide to repaint but that’s not for quite a while thanks to your great job and service!”

About the old Neighbourhood of Riverdale

Riverdale is an old neighbourhood in the east end of downtown Toronto. It is bordering the Don River to the west, Greenwood Avenue to the east, Danforth Avenue on the north and Lake Shore Boulevard to the south.

The north neighbourhoods of Riverdale is characterized by unique Edwardian and Victorian style homes, built in the 1800s and 1900s. Some of these homes have undergone renovations to accommodate small apartments and income properties. You can even find third floors with walkouts to decks and balconies. Others took advantage of the size of these homes to create large open space designs for their enjoyment.

The housing in the south neighbourhoods is older and constructed for the working class population working there. This is the reason the houses in south Riverdale are on average smaller and less expensive than those in the north. Unfortunately, the area hasn’t escaped the recent condo developers and big changes are underway.

The area is also populated with quaint street cafes and neighbourhood stores. The Riverdale Perk Café on Logan Avenue is a good lunch spot and a good place to meet with our painters.

Staining of front porch

Recent Residential work by Ecopainting in Riverdale

We do both interior and exterior work but painting exteriors in Toronto is getting to be more challenging year after year. Summers are getting hot and thunderstorms are common. You simply can’t paint a hot surface and expect your job to last. When the temperature is very high, even working in the shade is very uncomfortable. For all these reasons you want an exterior paint job to be done quickly, efficiently and last a long time. We find that September and early October are the best times to service home exteriors, especially decks.

Many homes in Riverdale have large porches and verandas and are surrounded by mature trees. This makes it a little cooler for exterior painters to work during the summer. Here is a hint, if you are one of our future customers reading this: bring the painter a jug full of ice water and you will get a loyal painter. I am kidding of course, most of our customers do this anyway and are very hospitable to our crews.

Transforming the Look of Semi Detached Home on Langley Avenue

In the summer of  2017 the homeowner contracted Ecopainting to paint the exterior of their lovely semi detached home on Langley Avenue. They did not like the sterile, factory look of the white vinyl windows, in fact not many people do. This is especially true in older neighbourhoods, full of older homes, oozing with character and style. In addition to the windows, we painted the body and trim of the detached garage and some older elements of the home. The newly installed front porch was stained to match, with a semi-solid alkyd stain from Benjamin Moore. It was surprising that the original alkyd formula was still available. When staining decks, the penetrating stains last longer in the Toronto climate than the new acrylics and hybrids.

All the specified products were from Benjamin Moore. On the siding, soffits and eavestroughs we used low lustre high build from the Regal Select line. We painted the windows with low lustre from Aura.

When painting over hard sleek surfaces such as vinyl windows, adhesion to the substrate is a concern. Prep work includes lightly sanding and washing, before applying a high quality bonding primer. Our “go to” super adherent primer is STIX from INSLX.

The lower sheen and especially the colour was instrumental in softening the sharp factory look of the vinyl windows. The staining of the front porch tied together the look and colour of the home and dramatically improved the curb appeal. The accompanying pictures tell the story.

Nice colours in Riverdale

Painting An Older Riverdale Home Before Selling

Brian and Anna were a referral to us by a very good client. They lived in their Riverdale home for a long time but this year they decided to move into a smaller home. Before they put their home on the market they thought it was a good idea to paint it. After considering changing the colour of the front door, they kept the same colours inside and out. All they needed was some fresh coats of paint along with some repairs.

We assigned a large crew, working both inside and out. Considering the unpredictable weather, the exterior crew could work inside if it started raining. It was a good idea and we were able to complete a very large project in a relatively short period of time.

On the exterior we painted the brick, soffits, porch, floors, windows, doors and previously painted trim. The paint was from Para, and Benjamin Moore colour matched to Pratt & Lambert colours.

The customers were amazing, hospitable and made the job very pleasant. Anna was regularly treating the crew to fresh pastries brought in daily! The property sold quickly and we were asked to paint their new residence:

“Good morning Karon. We have sold our home very quickly – within 4 days – helped greatly by the excellent work of your crew.  We would like to get a couple of rooms in our new place painted – kitchen and bedroom w/ ensuite washroom and the interconnecting stair between the two rooms (walls and ceiling in both areas)” Brian

Working on the front porch in Riverdale

Commercial Clients of Ecopainting in Riverdale

Montcrest School is a well known local school, founded in 1961. The school overlooks Riverdale Park on Broadview, just south of the Danforth. They have been a regular customer for the last 8 years and we practically painted all their interior space at least once. We painted their gymnasium and maintained some of the exterior surface. They are currently expanding and building additional space.

Spaces Self Storage on Eastern Avenue. Being a busy storage facility, Spaces needs regular painting and touch ups. We regularly maintain the finish coats of their elevators, loading areas, doors and common space. We have serviced their exterior doors and even the interior office space.

Matthew John Daycare is a city daycare facility located in a church. Preschoolers are not known for being gentle with walls and their other surroundings. We maintained the paint and repaired at the daycare for the last few years.

Commercial painting client in Riverdale

Services Provided Locally by Ecopainting

  • Real Estate pre-listing touch-up and paint services
  • Colour consultations by certified consultants
  • Minor Carpentry and wood repairs
  • Restoration of large homes with historical colours
  • Doors, garage doors, windows and siding painting
  • Brick painting and efflorescence treatment
  • Metal railing rust treatment and finishing
  • Deck Stripping and Repair Services
  • Deck and fence staining
  • Pressure Washing

Consider Ecopainting as Your Professional Painter in Riverdale 

During the last 20 years we have been the painter of choice for hundreds of discerning customers in the Toronto area. We love working in Riverdale for all the same reasons our customers chose to live in it. The homes are interesting, the neighbourhood stores are friendly and the street cafes so very charming.

We have serviced both commercial and residential clients here and keep coming back year after year. In our company, we believe in building long term relationships with our clients. Ensuring top quality work is a good first step and can never be underestimated. Customizing our service offerings to every client’s needs is what makes Ecopainting relevant. Whether you need a paint makeover or want to put your house up for sale, like Brian and Anna, we work to exceed your expectations.

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