New Home Painting in the Toronto Area.

There is something warm and comfortable when painting the interior of a new home in the middle of a Toronto winter. It is freezing cold outside, but inside the home it feels very warm. The heat is turned on of course, but I think there is something else. I think it is collective Adrenalin. It sort of feels like a relay race baton exchange. The drywall contractors are out and when they do a great job, this feels like a clean baton exchange. The finishing trades now need to bring it ‘home”. This adrenalin, coupled with the homeowners child-like anticipation of what it could finally be, is what I am talking about. Oh and something else: there will not be any builder’s beige in this home.

A repeat customer

We painted for this customer before. They hired Ecopainting to paint their North York condo about 3 years ago. They were impressed by the professionalism and the work of the crew, they called us back to paint their new custom home in the North York area of Toronto. To a successful painting contractor a repeat customer is the lifeblood of the business, as new customers are always more difficult to obtain.

This will be a beautiful home

The drywall work was completed, so a crew of four painters was in on a Saturday to start the job. A lot of thought went to planning this house. There is the main open space with cathedral ceilings, a floor to ceiling majestic stone fireplace and beautiful large windows facing the forest. There are two main bedrooms and both of them have large windows facing the forest as well. Apparently the deer come for to visit often and you want a chance to see them when they do. The remaining of the rooms are very well designed with emphasis being on comfortable living and tasteful décor.

Product lines

The priming, most of the ceiling work and the kitchen area was completed over the weekend.

It was very helpful that the scaffolding equipment the drywall contractors used was available to use.

We used Benjamin Moore Super-Spec primer for the drywall. This primer is a proven product with excellent sealing qualities for drywall. The main areas will be painted with Benjamin Moore’s new Regal Select line. The bathrooms will be painted with Aura Bath & Spa. This product has a velvety smooth finish and it is formulated especially for bathrooms.

On a project of this type and size, it’s always a good idea to start fast and get the priming out of the way as soon as possible. Then we can have some fun painting the walls and ceilings.

Stay tuned for more progress updates.

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