Home in Guildwood Village Painted as Good as New (better than new)

This featured project is a lovely new home we painted for a customer in Guildwood. Guildwood is a neighbourhood in the south east of Scarborough, along the bluffs and south of Kingston Road. There aren’t too many new homes in the area and the ones that are newer are custom built for the homeowners. Guildwood village is a newer neighbourhood and was established as a subdivision in the 1950s .

The customer contracted Ecopainting to paint a new home of theirs. The new home was located next to their main residence. Most of the residential painting we do is re-painting, with the exception of some work for a select few contractors. What made this project unique was the fact that the homeowner decided to do her own general contracting. This is not an easy endeavour for anybody deciding to embark on that journey. Most homeowners don’t have the network of trades and suppliers necessary to complete this and underestimate the time required.

The customer allowed a lot of time for procuring trades and suppliers and kept a tight control of the process. When she first talked to our estimator, the understanding was that painting would be priced and completed in several stages. For those of us that experienced the mayhem otherwise known as new home painting, this was a refreshing change. It actually took us six months to complete the paint job and this was a small home. Considering the end result and the wonderful words the customer reviewed our work with, it was a very successful project.

The Customer’s Amazing Review of Ecopainting

For painting contractors good reviews are like sweat equity that must be earned daily. Recent findings suggest that consumers trust reviews as much as they do personal recommendations. But they don’t just trust any reviews. Authenticity is the most important factor that customers consider. Monica left us this heartfelt and very detailed review in Homestars:

“EcoPainting Inc is a well established business with first rate professional painters that take care and time to get the job done right and on time. This company was the only one who prepared a thorough job scope, priced fair and comprehensively – we had absolutely no overages and no surprises. Our choice was to use the very best paint (Benjamin Moore) and have 3 or 4 coats of paint on different areas of the house as well as custom staining of our staircases. They sanded between every coat and the result by EcoPainting is flawless. Also important to us was the communication ease and the respectful employees onsite – friendly and diligent , very very ca
reful and end of day perfect site cleanup. Always on time and no job delays – after a long and difficult reno with other suppliers and trades, EcoPainting Inc was the finishing supplier that ended our project on a high note. thanks Karon, George and team!”

Painter with attention to detail in a closet

What went right and very few project challenges

This was a very smoothly run project. Residential painting jobs are not easy to manage. Some of the issues we ran into have to do with scheduling, coordination with other trades, colours and product specifications. In saying all that, the reason this project had very few issues is because the painters and the customer were totally synced in their expectations.

Scheduling:  the majority of the painting was done during the winter. For painting companies there is a winter slowdown and availability is not a concern. Our winter was not that slow but it did make it easier to schedule crews when they were needed in phases.
We primed the walls and ceilings first, then came back to apply the first coats on the drywall surfaces. We primed, prepped and first coated te woodwork next. After all the drywall imperfections were fixed and the installations were complete, we painted most of the finish coats. We came back to re-do a few more areas because of trade damage but the touch ups were minimal.

Communication: good communication is the main reason projects are succesful. In this case every stage was managed flawlessly by the customer and our job manager. We were given enough notice for every stage of painting and in return we made crews available. The specs and colours were clearly discussed and specified. There were couple of colour changes along the way but the colours looked wonderful.

Warm colours in a new bathroom

Top Quality Paints and Finishes Make all the Difference

It was understood right from the beginning that we were to use top quality paints from Benjamin Moore. On the ceilings we used their top line ceiling paint. It is way more expensive than any other ceiling paint and most painters do not use it. It’s only ceiling flat afterall, right? This is the best ceiling paint money can buy. It is dead flat, without being too porous, hides imperfections and touches up beautifully. Most of the walls were finished in Regal Select eggshell and the woodwork in Advance waterbourne enamel. In the main bathroom we went with our go to bathroom paint, Aura Bath & Spa. In the lower level bathroom we used Benjamin Moore’s original Kitchen & Bath enamel. The Kitchen & Bath product dries to a pleasant satin finish and contains mildewcides or humid environments. For the staircases we used Polycrylic from Minwax, a water based product. The colours were neutral with pastels and off whites, yet there was no “builder’s beige” anywhere!

beautiful new doors by Ecopainting

We enjoyed working on this project a lot. The customer was amazing, the products as well. At the end, a lot of credit goes to our amazing job managers, Alex and Aidan. Their hard work, skill and customer service made all this possible. Monica said: EcoPainting was the finishing supplier that ended our project on a high note”.

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