Painting condos for Real Estate purposes is a good idea. Most Real Estate professionals will suggest this as an easy upgrade that will pay off. The first impressions made to potential buyers are important. There is nothing like a professional painting job with tasteful colours to help with the sale of a condo. Later as a buyer, it makes sense to paint your condo before moving in. Painters prefer to work in a space where there is no furniture and before any new floors are installed. Let’s not forget that there is nothing as effective as colour and décor to personalize the new space.

The Condo Real Estate market and Painting.

The Real Estate market does indeed have a significant effect on the number of condos that get painted. Our own experience over the year will concur with that reality. The number of Condo pricing requests for painting is definitely influenced by the Toronto market. There was a lot of talk and many warnings about the “softening” of the condo market. Even the term crash was used. Maybe there is a softening of the market but there is no indication that there is a crash on the horizon. Buildings are going up and condos are getting painted, so all is good for Ecopainting. But seriously, a Home buying Trends survey undertaken by ReMax finds that there are some changes in the buying patterns of consumers. There are more conservative and fiscally responsible purchasers in the picture now than before. One of the reasons is coming from the government and the tougher mortgage restrictions. The longest amortization available is now 25 years. There are restrictions on what the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation can insure if the down payment is less than 20%.

First Time Buyers

Over 30% of all buyers will be first time buyers in the next two years.  A definite trend is that the downtown Toronto area is preferred over the suburbs and the 905 areas. There is now a noticeable and significant job growth in the city. Despite traffic congestion and lack of parking the growth seems to be continuing. Being close to work, amenities and public transit is again becoming a big factor.  Paint companies, home improvement retailers are fully aware of these trends. They are marketing their colour and décor offerings specifically to that demographic.  It is more evident in social media sites, where young professionals spend a lot of time and now money. Toronto Painting contractors will be wise to note these condo market trends.

Ecopainting is a Toronto painting company that has been painting condos Real Estate purposes downtown condos for years. Over the years we have collected testimonials and reviews from condo owners

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