Paint your house before selling (Toronto market)

Most Real Estate Agents agree that painting your house before selling it is a good move. House prices in the Greater Toronto Area are still going up. Why not make the home as marketable as possible? The cost of a basic paint job is not expensive and the return on the money spent is very good.

Home “shows well”. What does that mean?

It means that it looks nice, creates great first impressions, has great “curb appeal”. All in all, it just helps the Real Estate Agent sell it faster and get the best possible price. The aroma of freshly baked muffins was recommended years ago, but consumers are a little wiser these days.

Keep in mind is that the great majority of possible buyers will be searching for a home in their computer. Stunning pictures of your home painted well in agreeable colours will make your home very desirable.

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Should I paint my entire Home?

If time permits, and considering the Return On Investment possible, paint as much as possible. If there isn’t as much time before the listing date, there are some areas that take priority.

The Outside

The painted surfaces, wood or metal, should be in good condition. Any damaged wood or rusted metal should be addressed. Peeling and faded paint are an eyesore that does not help with curb appeal. If the overall condition is good, painting the front door and the garage door makes a big difference.

The Interior

Fresh paint helped sell this home

How much painting is needed depends on how much time there is before listing your home. If certain areas are in good condition they may not require attention.

  • The Ceilings: do they look white and bright? A freshly painted ceiling makes the house look bigger. Look for possible cracks and signs of water leaks (brown stains). If it is in acceptable condition, the ceiling does not have to be painted.
  • The colours. What has been comfortable for one family may not be for another. Things don’t have to be off white or bland at all. There are so many lively and neutral colours available to please every future owner’s taste in style. By being as objective as possible try to see through the eyes of a future homeowner what colours of yours they may not like.
  • The doors. Quite often doors are painted in glossy enamel which is quite durable. It is sometimes possible to wash some of the doors around the door handles avoiding the need to paint them. Hallways and main areas. They see a lot of abuse and that’s what usually needs painting. If the colour is neutral, one coat of paint may be enough.
  • Kitchen and bathrooms, paint them.This is where you would get the most return for your investment. A great looking kitchen and clean and bright bathrooms will make a great impression. When a house shows well, you will likely get a buyer faster and at a better price.

Ask your Real Estate agent’s opinion whether you should paint your house before selling it.  Ask their opinion about what areas need attention and what colours work well with buyers these days. An experienced Staging company can also help you pick the right colours. Ecopainting is a Toronto Painting Contractor. We have worked with a lot of Real Estate professionals and Staging Experts and over the years we have contributed to the sale of quite a few Toronto Homes.

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