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Finding wallpaper removal services for your home in Toronto is difficult. Getting someone to do it at an affordable price is almost impossible. For some reason, most contractors despise removing wallpaper. For the few residential painting companies that specialize in it, this is a high demand service.

We Actually Love Removing Wallpaper!

How hard can it be? You cover the floors, wet the surface and start peeling. Not exactly, most wall coverings don’t come off that easy. It takes hours of hard work while being careful not to damage the walls. That’s the main reason contractors avoid it and prefer to have someone else do it for them.

Ecopainting uses a liquid solution that works much better than any other product out there. This amazing solution is derived from natural materials such as clay, starch, and wheat. It has no odour, and unlike other commercial brands, it can be used without gloves, eye protection, or room ventilation. This product satisfies our environmental products policies. Before quoting any job, we perform a small sample test to evaluate the difficulty. Depending on the test, we may suggest a fixed price or a time and materials quote. Whichever way you decide to proceed, you can be sure that Ecopainting is the right painting contractor for the job.

“Thanks for transforming my 1980s floral wallpaper bedroom!” I can always count on you to do a superb job, even when encountering un-removable wallpaper.”
Brighid Thomson, customer in Unionville – Markham.

Wallpaper removal from the whole house

Why should you remove the wallpaper?

Removing wallpaper is a tedious, messy and sometimes expensive process. Despite all that, many customers want it removed, why is that?

  • Most of the wallpaper on walls right is old and makes a home decor look aged. Removing it and decorating with paint (or new wallpaper) will modernize the home.
  • When the wallpaper is not in great condition it’s time to remove it. Scratches, holes, peeling corners or just dirt and stains are easier to remedy on painted walls.  
  • Paint will brighten a room up and make it look bigger. This is especially true in rooms with a lot of architectural detail such as trim, wainscotting and bulkheads.
  • Artwork never looks good on wallpaper unless it has a simple design. Patterns and colours will take away the attention that a good piece of art should command.
  • Simplify your living space. Walls full of intricate and colourful patterns make for busy looking rooms. Sometimes after a busy day at work, you want to come home to a space that will help you wind down.  
  • Old wallpaper is a sign of stale decor and a reminder of years gone by. What was good then is now outdated and needs your attention. Bringing your walls up to date will give your home an unbelievable boost.
  • Increase your home’s real estate value. Your decor and your favourite wallpaper will not appeal to the taste of most home buyers. Realtors and stagers will often suggest removing old wallpaper and decorate your home in neutral colours. Considering the price of real estate in Toronto this will bring a big return on your investment.
Wallpaper removal results
An amazing transformation from wallpaper to paint!

The Decline in the Popularity of Wallcoverings

The decline of the popularity of wallpaper can be attributed to a number of factors. In the seventies wallpaper became less popular as a design alternative, as more people started to strip it down and use paint instead. Additionally, the quality of wallcoverings declined as cheaper materials were used which made it less appealing to consumers. Newer condo suites came with large windows, which reduced the overall amount of suitable walls to decorate. Recently, the popularity of flat screen TVs did not help with the popularity of wallcoverings, as these large devices are generally displayed on plain walls.

Is There a Resurgence in the Popularity of Wallpaper?

Wallcovering sales are starting to slowly creep back up. Sales are not enough to challenge the domination of paint yet, but becoming popular enough to compliment paint. Designers are introducing wallpaper as a focal point in main living areas and bedrooms. One study predicts that in 2026 the global sales of digitally printed wallpaper will reach $7.5 from $2 billion in 2017. One of the reasons for this modest comeback is the role that E-commerce plays in the retail sector of wallcoverings. York Wallcoverings, a large US supplier notes an average increase of 20% from year to year. Wallpaper-related searches online are up an average of 50 percent the past 12 months versus the previous 12 months (source)

Unpredictable Wallpaper stripping

Hiring The Right Contractor

This is a major expense for homeowners. Why not invest the time to find the best contractor for your needs. Ecopainting has been servicing Toronto homes for 25 years. We removed all kinds of wallpaper, some as unique as grasscloth, or as stubborn as foil. Additionaly, for your peace of mind, we cover all your floors, furniture and belongings with clean drop cloths and plastic. Here is some detail about our preparation work for removing wallpaper.

“We bought a house in the city that had wallpaper in every room. The best thing we did was to call Ecopainting to help us remove it before moving in. They worked hard every day until every piece of wallpaper was off. We ended up asking them to patch and paint the walls as well. Great job crew!”

Steve S. Riverdale Toronto.

The Cost of Wallpaper Removal

What is the average cost of removing wallpaper? Every job is different and it depends on the following factors:

  • The type and age of the wallpaper.
  • The size of the rooms.
  • The condition of the walls after removal.
  • Accessibility – Is the wallpaper on stairway walls or behind a washer and dryer?

In our experience, a basic removal costs about $2 to $2.50 per square foot of wallpaper. More difficult wallcoverings such as grasscloth, will be closer to $3 per square foot. For more updated pricing from Ecopainting, read our new blog about wallpaper removal pricing.

So, If you are Ready to Remove your Aged Wallpaper

You will be better off hiring a wallpaper removal service like ours. We love wallpaper removal. With our experience and the systems we have implemented, we will complete your project quickly, without any damage to your walls or flooring. So if you are looking for a contractor to take care of your wallpaper removal, Ecopainting is the right choice. Get in touch today!

This page was last updated on August 28th 2022.

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