The Right Colour for Your Toronto Offices.

Colour is a powerful tool for designing a productive work environment. When humans are exposed to certain colours, certain physiological changes occur. The right colour choice can enhance employee creativity and maximize office productivity. It might even reduce stress and invigorate our spirit. Office Painting starts as facility maintenance but it can be so much more than that. You have to paint anyway, it doesn’t cost much more to use the right colours.

More Benefits of using the Right Colours at Work

Did you know that the colour of a room affects our perception of the temperature. Some tests claim that we estimate the temperature of a room with cool colours, to be 6-10 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than the actual temperature. Blues, greens and cool grays are such colours. On the other hand, reds and oranges, will have the opposite effect. The warmer perception difference can be 6-10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Beyond the perception of temperature, there are real energy savings to be realized by using the right colours. Dark colours absorb more light and reflect less. Light colours absorb less and reflect more. Therefore it is energy-wise to use light colours on the main walls and paint the ceilings white.

Colour choices are influenced by branding, company image and culture. Keeping in mind that brand colours are strong and vibrant and should be used in moderation as accent colours. A professional consultant that specializes in commercial decor can be of great assistance. Visual ergonomics and aesthetics leave a positive and productive commercial interior and all it takes is some paint.

What are the Right Colours in The Office?

Too much red in the office

White can be used to give an open, spacious feeling to a smaller work area. Pure white should not be used as a main colour because it makes space look cold and institutional. Try using soft whites or “off whites”  instead. Pure white can still be used on ceilings for light reflectivity or for doors, woodwork and trim for a crisp clean look. Did you know you can paint your t-bar ceilings? Painting them in a bright white will rejuvenate your office.

Neutrals are soothing, safe and secure, and a good choice for most office environments. They work well with other colours in open space environments or offices spaces with glass partitions. Neutrals are distant and unassuming and do not interfere much with the thought process. They are perfect for “thinking” rooms because of their ability to allow clear thinking and concentration. Neutrals are also easier to paint with, cover better and can keep the cost of office painting low.

Green is the best colour for fresh thinking and creativity. Green is good for classrooms, workshops and offices where we discuss strategy and planning. There is an abundance of fresh green shades, derived from nature. that stimulate balanced thinking and harmony.

If you want to kickstart your day with energy and lead an active team, then orange is your colour. Because decorating with vibrant and bold colours can be risky, use orange sparingly. A good place to use it is a highlight wall, bulkheads, even in small architectural details. Like with anything risky, the rewards are not far behind. With some careful thought you can create space full of life and character. All shades of orange are warm and work well in cafeterias and the employee’s lounge.

Brown is a serious colour and has many of the benefits of black but with softer and warmer qualities. The warmth of brown comes from the yellow and red it contains. It evokes trust and respect and can be seen as a feature wall in executive rooms. Being an earthy tone, it promotes support and comfort.

Blue has both positive and negative attributes. Some blues look cold and distant and a bad choice in rooms where you want to promote support and understanding. The positives of blue far outweigh the negatives and it’s the most popular of the colours. It’s a colour for the strong mind and promotes confidence and clarity. Many companies use blue in some shade or another for logos and corporate identity.

Gray is the king of neutrals. By itself it promotes no emotion but it can be used successfully to dampen the effect of other stronger colours. When you paint your entire office in a cool and light gray you end up with similar effects that you get from white.  Institutional, cold and boring. If insisting on “decorating” with gray, try using some of the warmer and muddier grays. They are called gray neutral and can do a limited job of warming up the work space. Where gray neutrals work best are in combination with earthy greens and softer blues as accents.

Maybe you never thought painting your office was such a complicated endeavour. It is not. Most of our commercial clients paint their premises having just maintenance in mind. Why not go a step further and fully utilize the benefits of the paint job. It does not cost any more to use the right colours, all it takes is a little planning and a chat with our estimator. Ecopainting will bring samples to your office. Discuss your colour needs, maybe suggest a colour or two.

The rest is up to you and your staff. Have fun redecorating your office!

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