Interior Painting How-To’s

DIY Painting Guide for Absolute Beginners A lot has been said about painting, colours, right tools to use, the best season and so on. However, nothing can be handier than a guide that lists everything down in the simplest possible manner. DIY enthusiasts often complain about not the lack of information available to them but the excess of it. With painting suggestions pouring in from left, right and center – it can be easy to Read More >>

Painting Suggestions For Smaller Bathrooms

Painting Small Bathrooms – How to make them look bigger ? Small bathrooms can be a pain to deal with.  If you as a homeowner are planning a residential painting project, optimizing the use of existing space is probably one of your major concerns. A home can certainly use more area, but in situations where it isn’t feasible to expand an existing bathroom, one of the ways you can make a small bathroom look larger Read More >>

Colour Help for New Homeowners

Home is a Reflection of the People that Live in it! The colours we love to wear and the colours around us are proven inspiration sources. For most of us however, too much choice can be overwhelming. You just bought your home, painting is the last thing on your mind. That’s where we come in. Ecopainting has been doing this for 15 Years. We can help. We can even paint your Home before you move Read More >>