Scholarship Program at Ecopainting

Ecopainting is a Professional Toronto Painters Company offering commercial & residential services. Ecopainting values the importance of higher education and doesn’t want cost limitations to stand in the way of your success. That’s why we are offering a $1000 scholarship to one hardworking, dedicated student to help cover post-secondary education costs.

The scholarship is open to any student who attended a Canadian/US college or university in the Winter 2019 semester. Any full-time student is eligible to apply, and the scholarship is open to both first-time and returning students.


Details to apply are as listed below:

How to Apply

Eligibility: Canadian/US citizens or permanent residents enrolled in a Canadian or United States university or college for the Winter 2019 semester.

Application: Four components must be submitted for your entry: (A) Application form, (B) Small writing project, (C) Copy of transcript, (D) Proof of Canadian or US Residence

(A) Application Form: Fill out the Scholarship application form at All fields must be filled out.

(B) Small Writing Project: On a website, blog, or online forum, write a 750-1000 word post on the topic below:

  • Why green practices and environmental responsibility is important in the “painting” industry? Highlight the advantages of using eco-friendly paint. As a responsible consumer, how should you choose a professional painting company for your project?

Criteria for Evaluation: The best post will be creatively written and express your thoughts clearly. The writing should also be free of grammatical or spelling errors. The post must also include a link from the website or blog to the Ecopainting website (

(C) Transcript: Include your most-recent 2019 transcript (either official or an unofficial printed copy), confirming your enrollment, in the form below.

(D) Proof of Residence: Include a certified copy of documentation evidencing citizenship or permanent residents of Canada or the United States.

Deadline: Scholarships will be awarded once per year. Submissions will be accepted until November 31, 2019.

Draw Date: The winner will be announced and awarded on February 1, 2020.

Submit: Submit your information on the form below.

Scholarship Application Form

  • Max. file size: 2 MB.