Pure & Original Painting Service in Toronto by Ecopainting

Ecopainting is trained to use Pure and Original and we now offer this service to our customers in the Toronto Area. Pure & Original is a paint made in Holland. It uses natural ingredients and is made “with respect for people and nature.”according to their main website.
Ecopainting decided to train some painters  how to apply three of their popular products.

Helene van Os-Borger is a distributor for this specialty paint line. She demonstrated some of the products to a few Ecopainting painters and some guests. The two day event took place at our main location in Toronto and was very successful. The products we worked on were:

  • Fresco – Lime paint
  • Marrakech Walls paint
  • Classico – Chalk paint

Both Fresco and Marrakech need a two step procedure because sufficient drying time is recommended. Pure & Original recommends that their primer is used before applying any of their lime based paint. The primer is not necessary for the Classico – Chalk paint. It adheres well on most surfaces and is basically a very high quality flat paint.

Helene started by applying the primer and the first coat of Classico.  She then demonstrated how to apply the first coats of the Marrakech paint and the Fresco – Lime paint.
Marrakech: the first layer was applied with a good quality “whiz roller” and was flattened randomly with a specialty trowel. The trowel has a sleek working surface and rounded corners. The key is to be working consistently and with a wet edge. The temperature should not very warm and it’s a good idea to avoid any direct air from a vent or fan. This will ensure a longer open time and keep a wet edge longer.

Fresco – Lime paint: it can be applied liberally with a large specialty bristle brush. It is similar to a stain brush you find in better paint stores. It can be applied at any direction even using a cris-cross method. Helene’s preference is vertical strokes applied liberally to create the “fresco effect”.

Application Tips for Marrakech and Fresco

  • For both Marrakech and Freco tint the primer close to the finish colour. It creates more depth and helps allows for a more subtle contrast.
  • Helene use the word “playful” to describe the application method. Be consistent to keep a wet edge, but keep it random (playful).

trained to use Pure & Original in Toronto

Day two, the finish layers and conclusion.

By Erin Stillaway

Entering the shop the day after Helene had primed the wall samples and applied the first coats, you could already feel a huge difference in the space. The slight texture, even though it was unfinished, was already drawing the eye and giving the space an interesting look. Our painters and estimator were really excited to see how the finish coats would look. It was impressive how only one coat of the Classico paint was so solid. The Marrakech sample already had a bit of texture to it, as did the Fresco.

Janice Fedak, a well known designer was a guest of the demo. She definitely seemed just as impressed with these products as we were.

Helene started the second day with summarizing what she had done the day before for the people that were not present. She also described the paints and explained how they work. She then got started with the second stage of Marrakech. The Marrakech had completely dried overnight and she began with lightly sanding it with a very fine sanding sponge. It was incredible how immediately you could see a huge difference between what was sanded and what wasn’t. Helene then showed us how to bring out the texture even more by using the trowel and running it along the sanded surfaces. She explained when and how to apply the two different protective coats to seal the paint.

Next she moved on to the Fresco paint and applied a second layer on the sample area the same way she applied the first. The difference was this time she would dip her brush into water every other time she loaded her brush. The result when it was finished and dry was breathtaking. The look of the Fresco on the small sample did not do the paint justice or capture the look of the paint on a larger scale. It looked stunning.

Hellen then applied a second coat to the Classico paint and there was no roller marks anywhere to be seen, it was simply a perfect, flat painted area.

It was a wonderful two days of being amazed at the products. Now our painters can’t wait to use it again!

Ecopainting is available to apply these products to walls and rooms in your home or business establishment.

Contact us at 416 733-7767 and we will bring samples and colours to your door.

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