Heartfelt Review from a Wonderful Customer

“Never in my life have I been treated with such respect, dignity and kindness, by strangers I let into my home”

We just finished painting an apartment in the Cedarbrae neighbourhood of Scarborough. The customer’s comments were very touching and helped us put some things into perspective. A paint job and how it’s done can make a big difference in someone’s living space. The pink bedroom and the yellow kitchen have a lot to do with it but more important was how our painters conducted themselves. We came to realize that customer reviews must be earned. Kathy sent us the following heartfelt email:

“Hi Karon,
I just wanted to say thank-you for the wonderful service you, George and your staff have given me. Never in my life have I been treated with such respect, dignity and kindness, by strangers I let into my home. From the first phone call to all the emails where my concerns were addressed, until the job ended I couldn’t have asked for better treatment for myself or my pet.
The colours are beautiful; exactly what I wanted. Thanks for helping me pick them. I knew what I wanted, but I could never have picked them from the swatches without help, because what is on the wall and the colour on the swatches looks radically different to me. I was also very surprised that I did not react to the paint. I couldn’t even smell it.

If I hadn’t let your painters in, I would never have known they were in my apartment.

They were quiet, respectful and hard working. They knew what they were doing individually and worked very well together. Once they were in my home they could be trusted to do their work and I often slept while they worked. When I needed help they did things for me I was not physically able to do for myself and they even cleaned up and put back furniture and anything they moved each day; so I could actually live in my apartment after they left.
You should advertise Ecopainting as being disabled friendly and pet friendly. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to friends. Thanks again for the exceptional service and kindness I was shown.”
Kathy P.

A Customer Testimonial from 2011

Over the years, we collected hundreds of customer testimonials. Most of them are written in the “Comments” space of our Completion Certificate and quite often we ask for the feedback, positive or sometimes negative. Some of our customers are quite descriptive, and leave us great comments. Others will write something as simple as: “Great Job, Thank You!”

At times a customer will go as far as sending us an unsolicited e-mail about their painting job. Sometimes they will write about their experience with the painters or just the process itself.

Barry and Beth just had their west end Toronto condominium painted by Ecopainting. It was a fairly extensive job, with wall repairs and wallpaper removal. We used several colours from Benjamin Moore’s Regal – Collection line.  We received the following email from them:

We would like to thank your company & painting crew for the absolutely beautiful job you did in our condominium.

“Laurie, the extra attention & detail your staff did on the touch-ups before the painting was superb. Our conversations with Karon on selecting the colours in each of the rooms were very informative & gave us a new insight of how many colours there is to chose out there. I believe, with Karon’s help, we did pick the right colours for each room.

The end result is spectacular and something we’ll be able to live with for years to come. Again, we extend our appreciation for all the hard work & dedication your staff put in (and in such a short time) to complete the job.

We will be more than happy to recommend your company to anyone looking for professional & reputable painters.”

Regards, Barry & Beth S.

Update: two years later, Barry and Beth recommended Ecopainting to their daughter. She was moving into a condo in the Scarborough Town Centre area and we were able to paint it before the moving day. 


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