How to get Better Pricing on a Paint Job

Finding good painters in Toronto can be an adventure

Yes, anyone can claim that they can paint your house at an affordable price. The following are real claims made in your typical free online classified directories:

  • Quality Painting at an affordable price.
  • We will beat any price.
  • We will match any written estimate.
  • $99 dollars per room, $95 per room, $89 per room and yes…$45 per room!
  • Best prices guaranteed.
  • Unbeatable prices, great service.
  • Let’s give the consumers some credit

What the above advertisers fail to do, is actually give the consumer some credit. Most people that buy painting services these days are busy professionals or at least educated consumers that know better.

The fixed operating costs are similar for professional painters, and the same paint prices are available to contractors. This likely means that the low price promise is a cash price of unskilled individuals with no insurance whatsoever. Worse than that, it may be a “get in the door” price that will change later.

Real ways to save money when hiring professional painters

  • After finding a trustworthy painter, be flexible with your schedule. Sometimes there is an available spot in their calendar and often good contractors like to keep their people busy.
  • Do the painters like working early in the morning in order to avoid the rush hour traffic? Can you make their parking easier? These are costs that the painters can avoid.
  • Be open to suggestions about paint lines. This year’s second and third line of paint from a major manufacturer are better than the top-of-the-line five years ago.
  • Do you need to paint everything? Are the closets in need of painting? What about the bedroom ceilings?
  • Do you need to paint the doors? Enamels used on doors are usually very washable and longer lasting.
  • Keep the colour choices simple. A neutral colour on the main areas with a highlight wall or two in strategic locations can have the same eye-catching effect as using many colours.
  • Offer the painters help with moving all the furniture. Let the painters stick to what they do best: painting. They are not usually very good movers.

All of the above are great suggestions that reputable painting contractors would be open to discussing. Most of the time what keeps the customer happy is not the paint job or even the price. It is the entire experience of decorating.

The value that professional painters bring hinges on great communication and cooperation.

Do you need professional painters to paint your home?

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