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Just like the carpenter needs a hammer, a painter needs a brush, a roller, and a laundry list of other tools to get the job done. We use paints and primers along with fillers, compounds and adhesives. How good quality do these tools and products need to be? Does it matter? One thing is for sure, we generally know what works and what doesn’t. We talk about what is expensive and what is good value. The job of the painter is tough and demanding. We expect the paints that we use everyday to perform the way they are supposed to. We rely on our tools to help us do a great job, day in and day out. We want everything to last a long time without costing an arm and a leg. So, if you need the inside scoop about paints and paint products you are at the right place.

Quality Does Not Always Mean More Expensive

We do believe quality tools matter, but that does not necessarily mean that the cheaper the tool or product, the worse the quality, and vice versa. For example, there are some quality brushes that cut just as well as the highly esteemed Corona brush, but at half the cost.

It is important to note that we do not sell any of the products in these reviews, and we are not paid for our reviews. These reviews are simply the opinions of the painters of Ecopainting. We all have our own preferred brands and products. We share our opinions and experiences of specific brands we have used with our fellow contractors and with homeowners to increase knowledge and generate discussion for all of our benefit.

Advice for the DIY-er

If you can afford to hire a professional painter, by all means take a look at our painters reviews.
A good suggestion for DIY-ers looking to save some money: Do not skimp on quality brushes or quality paint. One of our painters has written an article titled “Good Paint Brush,” about the importance of a quality brush. Even if you hire painting companies like Ecopainting, one quality brush is good to have if you ever need to do touch-ups. It is also a good investment to purchase professional grade paint. We use paints from Benjamin Moore such as Aura, Bath & Spa, Arborcoat and Advance Waterborne. We have reviews on specific paint products, such as the Aura Bath & Spa product to help with your purchasing decisions. Your paint job will last longer with professional grade paint than if you buy cheaper paint from a big box store. If you have to re-do the paint job within a year or you have to paint more coats because the paint doesn’t cover well, you may end up spending more money for more gallons of paint than you would on professional grade paint.

Quality Matters

Quality products and tools are an important component of a good paint job. Skill is arguably most important, but an incredibly talented painter will still not be able to hide brush lines with a poorly made brush.

After all, the saying goes “an artist is only as good as his tools,” or a painter, in this case.

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