Wrong Colours For Retail Stores

It is not uncommon to see wrong colour choices for stores. There are thousands of colours out there and manufacturers are coming out with more every year. So how is a store owner to decide what to avoid when painting a retail store? The big brands have a lot of money and budgets allocated, to study the effect certain colours have on their specific consumer’s buying habits. Their marketing campaigns and advertising are tied to … Read more

Painting House Before Selling

Paint your home first sell it after

Most Real Estate Agents agree that painting your house before selling it is a good move. House prices in the Greater Toronto Area are still going up. Why not make the home as marketable as possible? The cost of a basic paint job is not expensive and the return on the money spent is very good. Home “shows well”. What does that mean? It means that it looks nice, creates great first impressions, has great “curb … Read more

Good & Bad Customer Experiences

Do customers want you back?

You want customers to remember your Painting Services. Mainstream marketing methods and advertising is getting to be very expensive. If your website is on the first page of Google, you are likely spending a lot of money on Pay Per Click or Search Engine Optimization. Old style advertising is still expensive and mostly ineffective. So keeping your existing customers becomes even more important now. Ecopainting has been painting in Toronto for many years. Not many … Read more

Benjamin Moore Aura Bath & Spa

Aura Bath & Spa Review

We always wanted to review Benjamin Moore Aura Bath & Spa. We had the opportunity to spec the paint when painting this home in the east end of Toronto. This job was a recommendation from a good customer so this would be a good place to use it. The walls in the bathroom were close to the shower, so this would be an amazing paint for it . Glossy paints have had their place. Most people still like them on trim … Read more

The Green Painting Business

Our green painting company

Is a Green Painting Business viable? We think that it is. The following ecxerpts are from an interview conducted by Rob Blackstien for The Professional Painter magazine, Summer 2008 issue. Rob is a freelance writer in Toronto. Visit Rob’s website to find out about services offered. Walking into someone’s house smoking; getting behind the wheel intoxicated; using oil-based or certain latex paints in a place where people have to live or work – these are three very … Read more

Cafeteria & Restaurants

A cafeteria in an office painted

Maintaining and painting the Food Service area is a frequent necessity in institutions and bigger buildings. Facility and property managers come to realize the social importance the cafeteria has in an office and building environment. Some corporations treat their cafeterias, food and employee lounges as a perk to their staff. Cafeteria Decor and Painting. We had many opportunities to paint office space and work in buildings of different size. There are some observations I like to … Read more

Are They Trained?

Painters training at the Ecopainting shop

“The only thing worse than training employees and losing them is not training your employees and keeping them.” – Zig Ziglar Training is an ongoing venture. Training the Painters Painters, especially experienced painters, should have the skills to deal with anything related to their trade. Painting techniques, and effective ways to apply different coatings especially. What about customer service? Is this something that painting companies take for granted, or do they plan and teach customer … Read more

Dry Rot And Wood Repair

This Older Toronto Home had rotted wood that we repaired

It happens a few times a year. While scraping the old paint of a window sill, one of our exterior painters would find that the wood under the peeling paint was very soft and spongy. It didn’t rain for weeks, yet the wood was very moist. The crew arrives to sand and start staining a deck. The weather has been dry for days. Stripping and pressure washing was done over a week ago, yet the … Read more