Cost Of Painting A Condo

Cost of condo painting service

“What is the Cost of Painting my Toronto Condo? There are as many answers to this question as there are Toronto painters. Most reputable contractors will agree that without seeing the scope of work, it is difficult to give any accurate pricing. This is mostly true and when possible, the painting company should see the work to be done. After a careful evaluation, a detailed quote and proposal can be prepared. Unfortunately, seeing the condo is … Read more

Old Toronto Homes And Apartments

Painting this older home in the Annex

(A Toronto painter’s senseless pursuit of perfection) For some of us living in the suburbs of the GTA there are certain realities about our living space that we take for granted. Our streets are straight and wide, our houses look neat and organized from the outside. Some call this boring, we call it curb appeal. Our interiors are usually an organized collection of rectangular pieces of drywall surrounded with smooth and linear new pieces of trim … Read more