New Construction Painting for Commercial Clients

New construction painting for sub-contractors  is a tough segment of our industry. Some painters shy away from getting involved in new construction all together. Commercial work is challenging at the very least and it can test the resolve of most painting contractors. For the companies working in this segment, the potential rewards are many. First, there is the distinction of being the first ever painter to paint a building. This is the meaningful work that most professionals apprenticed and trained for. For Ecopainting, the biggest reward is the relationships that we build with general contractors and other trades. This type of networking is valuable for a growing contracting business.

Ecopainting will bid to Provide Interior and Exterior Painting for the following:

New commercial space painted with sprayer

  • Apartment, condominium and multi-unit buildings.
  • Restaurants, hotels and the hospitality industry.
  • Stores and shopping malls.
  • Office buildings and business space.
  • Clinics, medical centres, hospitals, and other health facilities.
  • Schools, classrooms and educational institutions.
  • Transportation hubs, train and bus stations.
  • Sport and training facilities.

What makes Ecopainting a Qualified Contractor?

  • Insurance and Qualifications. We carry $5,000,000 general liability insurance and we can even add “additional insured” on our commercial policy should you need it.
  • Our painters are our own employees and are fully covered by WSIB.
  • Safety training and certifications: Anyone working on your project will be safety trained and have all safety certifications necessary. This includes the Ontario Ministry of Labour’s standard for working at heights, and equipment-specific certifications in accordance with OSHA/OHSA/CSA regulations.
  • We are very familiar and have experience using most products that meet MPI standards.
  • Manufacturers Recommendations. Using MPI standards would be pointless if manufacturers recommendations were not followed. There is no place for community standards in commercial painting. Contractor accountability and product warranties go hand in hand. Ecopainting always follows manufacturers recommendations.
  • PDCA and Industry Standards. Founded in 1884, the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA) is the painting contractors trade association. Among other standards, it establishes criteria for determining a properly painted surface, defines touch up and repair for the industry. Ecopainting is a member of PDCA and our work mirrors these industry standards.
  • LEED Construction Standards.“Buildings generate up to 35 per cent of all greenhouse gases, 35 per cent of landfill waste comes from construction and demolition activities. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a rating system that is recognized as the international mark of excellence for green building in 150 countries” (source). Ecopainting has been following Environmental practices since the late 1990s. We are aware that green buildings are healthier for their tenants and people working in them.

About New Construction Bidding, Capabilities and Expectations

We constantly receive invitations to bid from contacts and general contractors that we work with. We also invite new bid opportunities and are on the lookout for new ones. More than ever, our inbox is full of bid requests, sometimes more than even our estimator can handle.
Here is a typical request: “We are working on the above tender and require a quote by this Friday before 12 pm. I just received these drawings today. Can you provide a quote? Please email me to notify me if you will be quoting this project.”
Setting expectations. Often a communication problem with a contractor can be traced all the way back to the bidding stage. Specifically, the sub-trade or the general contractor did not set the right expectations. Without setting clear expectations, disappointment at a later stage is certain to happen.
With the risk of sounding too picky, we are not the right painting contractor for everyone. Deciding which bid to work on takes time. Bidding, site visits, questions, they all take time. And of course, completing a new construction job successfully is a big commitment. We own the latest bidding software and our crews are efficient, but we know our core competencies. Over promising just to get a job is misleading and unfair. Contractors appreciate us being upfront, right from the start of the bidding request.

An established Company in the GTA

A little about our History. We have been painting commercial work in Toronto for over 25 years. In 2002 we incorporated the company and it is since known as Ecopainting Inc. This was partly responding to the industry’s green outlook and our environmental commitment. We joined the PDCA and became an active member of our community. Ecopainting was one of the original members of the Benjamin Moore PDS (now defunct).
We serviced hundreds of customers many of them repeatedly. Our corporate client list is extensive and growing. Within it, are many well known companies in the GTA. We purchased our own office and shop in Scarborough, in the spring of 2012. Our current employees are educated, constantly trained and are given an opportunity to thrive in our trade. As a result we have a very low employee turnover rate which is unheard of in the painting industry.
We have established a strong presence in our community and our future looks bright. We like to share that confidence in our relations with our new construction clients.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you. Our estimator will work within your specs to provide you with a comprehensive quote. When the project is ready for us, our production crew will be there to work hard and make you look good in the process.

Call 416 733-7767 to speak to us.