Painting Sub Contractors in Toronto

Ecopainting Inc. have been reliable sub contractors and Toronto painters for over 20 years. A select few General Contractors have been using our commercial painting services on an ongoing basis. We think we have a lot to contribute toward the successful completion of a project.  It starts with being aware that we are only one piece of the puzzle. Working well with other trades is very important. Our great attitude towards the other sub-trades is intentional. We respect their circumstances and schedules and we expect the same in return.

Insured, Safe and Dependable for your peace of mind.

When you hire a painting sub, you want them to represent you well to your clients. Your peace of mind is invaluable as the big picture is the success of the project. Our Painters are friendly, dependable, trained and knowledgeable. This dependability is the main reason our General Contractors clients keep coming back.

10 Reasons Ecopainting is the Right Subcontractor for your Painting Projects.

  1. We hire and train our own painters.
  2. Every project has a dedicated Job Manager.
  3. Painters are uniformed friendly and professional.
  4. We carry all necessary Safety Certifications.
  5. 5 million Liability Certificate is provided with every bid.
  6. Additional Insured coverage available if needed.
  7. Current WSIB Certificate is provided with every bid.
  8. Client list is available with contact information.
  9. Ecopainting is a member of PDCA.
  10. We have experience with both new construction & re-painting.

New Construction Painting.

Every day our office receives invitations to bid new construction painting projects. Going through these invitations, we look for opportunities to quote projects that fit our company’s competencies. We are not a big company and our resources and capabilities need to be focused. First we look for new contacts and future relationships. With some projects our company has a competitive advantage and is able to provide great value to a builder or general contractor.
We know that as a sub trade we are only one piece of the puzzle. Meeting and working with other trades is an opportunity we appreciate. These relationships are the best type of networking that a painting contractor can have. Unfortunately, scheduling, delays and other difficulties can impose strains to these relationships. The best way to contribute, is with a positive attitude, teamwork and a spirit of cooperation with other subcontractors.

Commercial Repaints.

We have our own “end user” customers that we deal with, directly. If a project only calls for the repainting of an existing facility, property managers do not use the services of a general contractor. When remodeling is involved, a general is the prime contractor. Coordinating the different trades is not as easy as some may think. Carpenters, electricians, flooring and other contractors have to coordinate their work. A good general contractor, with good trades people is an invaluable resource.

The Subcontractor Selection.

There is some current thinking in the industry that a general contractor is always looking for the lowest bid. That may be the case with some, very competitive projects but the reality is different. A good general contractor knows that there is no value in chasing the lowest bid. If that was the case, finding trades would be the easiest task: collect the bids and the lowest wins.
There are reasons for an extremely low price and none of them are good :

  • A very low bid may be a sign of a very inexperienced painting contractor.
  • The specs are not understood which is an invitation for change orders.
  • There may not be money left to pay the painters.
  • There may not be money left to pay the suppliers.
  • Substandard work and substandard materials compromise quality.
  • Manufacturers recommendations are ignored.
  • Communication is impossible and headaches ensue.

The Paint Selection.

Paints and coatings have changed. In the early years, environmental regulations have played havoc with some manufacturers. Finally, most manufacturers have VOC compliant coatings that perform well. Despite that, there is still a learning curve involved and some painters are not trained to use the new coatings. Using old painter community standards such as “painting to cover” does not work any more. Ecopainting has been at the forefront of using green paints and coatings since before the year 2,000. We know what products work well and how, without compromising the clients environmental sensibilities.

Type of Painting Projects we Service.

  • Condominium buildings.
  • Town house and co-op housing complexes.
  • Healthcare and Educational Facilities.
  • Office painting and exterior of office buildings.
  • Light Industrial Painting.
  • Transportation facilities.
  • Public buildings and community centres.
  • Retail Store Painting and mall locations.
  • Restaurant, Hotel and Hospitality facilities.

Call 416 733-7767 to speak to us.

We would appreciate an opportunity to bid sub-contracting work for your future projects.

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