Interior and Exterior Painting for a Markham Customer.

It gives us great pleasure to feature this story about the painting project we completed for Susan and Michael, our clients in Markham. Ecopainting’s Markham Painters had a great experience painting for this delightful family and their pets – Harley and Rio. Before we delve into Susan’s experience with us, we would like to share our views on customer service.

Customer service is not limited to the contractors and the job. It goes a step further and involves the customer and how they feel about having you in their home. One may paint attractive colours on the walls and doors, but true customer delight is the result of providing a genuine and pleasant customer experience.
In this digital age, consumers are not shying away from sharing their views online – but it isn’t an easy task to check which of these reviews are real/fake. At Ecopainting, we take particular care in maintaining detailed records of handwritten, signed and emailed testimonials.

Painters meet Harley, Rio and the Homeowners

Susan and Michael reside in a picturesque, leafy neighbourhood of Unionville with their pets Harley and Rio. The moment we walked in, we knew exactly who the epicenter of the home was, Harley.

According to Karon, our estimator, “Harley didn’t like the landscapers outside because they were loud. He didn’t mind the painters painting inside the house though, he got a chance to show off! He would look at you, swaying from side to side…like he was dancing! While painting the family room, you would hear a hello from the kitchen next door. It wasn’t another painter, it was Harley! If you were having a conversation, you might hear “really?” when Harley was listening, and it actually sounded like a question!”

The pet parrot

First, the Interior Painting Project

We started the project by painting the main living areas in shades of creams, greens and yellows. We used Natura Eggshell and Aura Bath & Spa paints from Benjamin Moore. These shades complemented the new hardwood floors beautifully. Susan was thrilled with the results and gave us a thumbs up!

She said, “Karon, I remember you asking me whether I liked the family room colour. My reply was that I’d wait and see after we installed the wood. That was when it would all come together. Well, the wood has is in (and the furniture recovered). I thought I’d share these pics with you and turn the tables: what do you think? I love it. The yellow gold walls, the fabric and new furniture colour, the wood floors. It all comes together now. Thank you for all your help. I hope to see you again when we redo the kitchen!”

A while later, Susan requested us to paint her kitchen and we gladly obliged. In her words, “Wonderful – What a difference professionals make to a renovation project. From suggesting complimentary colours for the whole house to delivery of proposed results.  The whole effect is one of warmth, unity, and elegance. Complete thanks to Karon and her team!”

Back for some Exterior Painting in 2014

Exterior painters in Mrkham

The true success of a company is measured by the amount of repeat business it generates from its customers. When Susan and Michael decided to get their exterior painting done guess who their first choice of painter was? This time they upgraded their front door and windows. We primed and prepped the new wood and applied two coats of Para Paints Semigloss. Needless to say, we managed to provide Susan the same level of customer experience as before. She was even more generous with her kudos this time! Here’s a note from her complimenting Ecopainting’s work:

“Hi Karon, I’m sorry I missed you during the ‘painting season’. I suffer from the pains of working downtown and the traffic. Michael kept me well informed and I’m grateful you could conclude before Christmas. I just wanted to tell you that I love (love!) the colours you and I chose for our house a few years back. Even the living room looks great. Your choice it was (I was hesitant) and you were right. It’s perfect. As usual, your painters did a great job. Better than Michael and I could do on those windowsills – many thanks. He made such a fuss when they were here and you know how noisy he can be first hand!”

Update: In 2015 we completed another project for Michael and Susan. We cleaned and restained their backyard deck. This job deserves a full project description of it’s own. I hope to write a blog (with many pictures) about painting and staining decks in the GTA.

In January of 2017, we were back for yet another paint job. We painted their interior oak railing in bright white.  

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