Interior and Exterior Painting in Unionvillle.

Ecopainting has been painting for the residents of Unionville and Markham since the early eighties. A lot has changed in 30 years, not the least of which is the demographics of this suburban “village”. As in most of the GTA there has been a lot of residential development here, notably north of the 16th line and south of Highway 7.

Without sounding too anachronistic, the Unionville that we were painting years ago, was much different than the Unionville of today. When you painted the interior of a home, you were asked to paint the exterior and eventually the entire neighbourhood. All you needed was good old fashioned customer service and some good work.

We know some of these neighbourhood intimately. Around the Bridal Trail subdivision at Carlton and Kennedy we still have some customers since the nineties. Customers were loyal then and losing even one of them was a big deal. Ecopainting made it a point to stay “Top Of Mind” year after year. Norm, Debbie, Helen, Suzanne, Diane, they were all neighbours and you could say hello to all of them within a quick drive.

This is what Diane Koch said after painting her Unionville home:
“Wow! What a transformation! Working with Karon and George has been a pleasurable experience. Their professionalism, beginning with the detailed proposal to the neat and tidy work areas, are factors that will ensure our recommending Ecopainting to family and friends. Their expertise in making recommendations to several areas was fully appreciated. We look forward to seeing them again”

Almira Furniture is a well known furniture store in Unionville. Painting the store was a labour of love for more than 12 years.  Many small paint jobs later, we completely transformed the interior of the store and every  inch of wall and trim has been painted.

Painting for Almira Furniture in Unionville was a badge of accomplishment that we kept for a long time. The owners and employees of the store hired Ecopainting for their own homes and painted for their clients throughout the GTA.

We bought the paint locally and we wouldn’t have it any other way. The place to buy paint in town was Hunter’s Discount Paint. RONA Lansing around the corner was the closest you could get to a big box store.  Rona had the reputation of a local lumberyard and did very well with the locals.

Hunter’s is not around anymore but Chee, one of their employees opened up two Benjamin Moore stores in Markham. With Chee’s experience and his connections, MARKHAM COLOURS & DECOR became one of the best paint stores in the GTA.

Downtown Unionville a good place to paint

Unionville is 33 km northeast of downtown Toronto & 4 km east of Richmond Hill. Main Street is a picturesque downtown street. During the summer, Main Street is crowded by thousands of locals walking up and down the street in European style.
Beautiful outdoor cafes and cute storefronts come to life especially during the Jazz Festival. There are literally tens of thousands visiting the Festival. We often suggest our painters take a walk on Main street after work. Even if just for a cold drink at “Jake’s” or for ice cream, the experience is worth it. We may even say hello to a customer or two.

Complete Painting Services available in Unionville by Ecopainting

Residential painting and staining in Unionville

Call Ecopainting at 416 733-7767 to paint your home or business and experience the old school service of Unionville.

We offer the following services (editted 20/02/2017):

  • Exterior painting
  • Restoration painting of Century homes
  • Interior painting – Quick repaint for staging and resale is available
  • Complete redecorating of entire homes (painting ceilings, walls, woodwork).
  • Work for interior designers and colour consultants. Design professionals love the service we provide to their clients. We also love and appreciate the convenience of a paint job as instructed by a design professional.
  • Wallpaper removal and wall repairs. According to some people in the industry, wallpaper is making a modest comeback. Unfortunately most of the wallpaper currently in homes is outdated and needs to be removed. Ecopainting is experienced in removing wallpaper and we use a special, safe, non toxic solution. You don’t really have to be stuck with ugly wallpaper. Our professionals can remove it without any hustle. We can even restore the walls to a perfect condition, ready for redecorating.
  • Commercial work in offices, retail stores and restaurants.

“I love it. It all comes together now: the yellow gold walls, the fabric and new furniture colour, the wood floors. Thank you, for all of your help, and I hope to see you again when we paint the kitchen – next year!”

Susan W. Repeat client in Markham – Unionville.

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