Mississauga Local Painting Crew

Building the Paint Crews in Mississauga

We have been painting in Mississauga for years, but our focus was always more central. Most of our customers are in Toronto and commuting to work was easier. But with a population of over 750,000, Mississauga is a big a market for contractors. If Ecopainting is a GTA painting contractor, focusing on this market is good business.

The Move West

Recently my boyfriend and I moved to an apartment in Mississauga. It was pretty good timing too because there were several decent sized jobs that came up shortly after we moved.  First we worked overnight shifts at the Mississaugua Golf and Country Club. The job involved painting their kitchen and food prep area. This was a difficult job for many reasons:

  • There was no way to paint this during the day as this was a busy kitchen.
  • We had to make sure we covered all the stoves and worked over the fridges.
  • We primed over the existing oil paint with a bonding primer.
  • To make things worse, my car died and a co-worker picked us up and drove us home.

At least it was close to home and there was no traffic at 5:30 in the morning.

Working in Mississauga at a local painting job

Right after we moved, I worked at an office of a company called InMoment. InMoment is a cloud marketing company headquartered in Salt Lake City. It has corporate offices in Toronto, Mississauga and Birmingham, UK. We painted their location near Mississauga road and the 401. Offices and common areas were painted with greys, whites and a lime green accent colour.
Not too long after the InMoment job started, there was a one bedroom condo we were painting which was a five minute drive from my place. The couple days I worked there my boyfriend would take the car but he would drop me off and pick me up. The job wasn’t a big one and only took couple of days to complete. While I was working there our painters were wrapping up the InMoment job.

A Few More Projects

As InMoment was wrapping up, we got another job near the airport. I could get used to this!  This was another commercial paint job for Grasshopper Solar. Grasshopper is a green energy company facilitating the logistics of installing solar panels. I was amused to find that the colour scheme for Grasshopper was also greys, whites and a lime green accent colour. Grasshopper is a regular client of Ecopainting and this was the third time we painted for them.
The plus side of this job was that the office was completely empty. We didn’t have to work around desks and move furniture out of the way. It was so nice to be able to get to and home from work in about half an hour each way.

Next in Mississauga, was a wallpaper removal job. The customer was preparing the home for sale. We removed the wallpaper from the vestibule, front hall, kitchen, and stairway up to the second floor hallway. We prepped the walls to paint them in a neutral colour. Once all the wallpaper was off, the customer decided that the ceilings did not look very good in several of the rooms. We were asked to paint those, as well as the living and dining room walls. This job was also very close to me at Bloor and Tomken, only 3.5km away.

We have several residential customers in Mississauga but we need to expand our services and get more jobs in the area. Mississauga is a big community with a large number of subdivisions, more and more condos being built, and plenty of offices and commercial places we could paint.  It has a very strong business sector that includes many fortune 500 companies. With Pearson International Airport being in Mississauga it’s no wonder there are so many companies and businesses here.

The Mississauga municipal website claims that Mississauga is Canada’s 6th biggest and fastest growing city and is home to almost 55,000 registered businesses. Ecopainting will work on getting more customers in the region. With some of our painters living in the area, nobody needs to drive across the entire city to get here. There is plenty of desirable clientele and the economy is very stable. It makes a lot of business sense to get more work here.

The more jobs we get close to me the happier I am, so let’s get jobs in Mississauga!!