Our Favourite Scarborough Paint Store

Ecopainting is located in Scarborough and is well established in the local business community. As a result, we support local groups and of course business and vendors. Our favourite Scarborough paint store is Boyd’s Decorating Centre. They are currently located at 590 Ellesmere Road, north west intersection of Birchmount and Ellesmere Road.

We have been using Benjamin Moore paints since the early nineties. Ecopainting was one of the original members of the Painting and Decorating Services (PDS) of Benjamin Moore. This program is not available any more but through our participation, we got to know some local Toronto designers and colour consultants. We also got to understand how important an independent paint dealer is to painting contractors.

The Benjamin Moore dealers are the main reason Toronto painting contractors prefer the brand. The product knowledge, service and trade support you get from a local dealer is second to none.

The Local Paint Store – Boyd’s

A big box store will never be able to replace what a local store means to a community. Ecopainting as a Scarborough based business, has a policy of supporting local vendors and we avoid patronizing big box stores if we can help it.

Boyd’s has been servicing the Scarborough market for over 40 years and their experience is second to none. Over the years the store was in different locations, reflecting the change of demographics and the growth of Scarborough. The first location I remember was the Huntingwood store on Brimley Road. That was a good residential area and a highly sought out market for Scarborough painters. We used to have a few repeat customers in the area and we still service some of them. I remember shopping for paint at Boyd’s on numerous occasions. I remember Judy well, and how she used to provide me valuable product advice every time I needed it.

The store later moved in the Parkway Mall, where they operated for many years. The biggest advantage of that location was that it was open late and you could buy paint during shopping mall hours. Especially when working late at commercial painting projects in Scarborough. Their current location on Ellesmere Road is by far the most convenient for our painters to buy Benjamin Moore paint from. The store is much bigger, and brighter, thanks to many large windows. Contractors love the convenience of a well-stocked store and of course the always available parking.

Julia, one of our painters, visited Boyd’s and learned about their long history. She had an opportunity to interview Paul Boyd, who is part owner of Boyd’s Decorating Centre. Paul graciously agreed to provide Ecopainting this amazing and heartfelt review. The transcript of the interview is provided after the video.

Ecopainting review by Benjamin Moore Dealer

How long have you known Ecopainting?

Ecopainting, I am gonna say I ‘ve known them since 2007. Judy goes back much further knowing them. But for us, we find both Karon and George very professional. In saying that, there is a real human element to the two of them. They are personable, other than selling them paint, we have come to know some of their personal lives and what they like and dislike. For us at Boyds, for the staff, Shelley and I, this is part of selling paint. It’s getting to know our customer, we have almost become the fifties barbershop, they will come in, tell us about their weekend, some will share their problems.

What Do You like about Ecopainting? 

They buy paint from me, I love that! Besides that and their business, they are great people once again. Like a lot of our customers, they will share some stories, we got to know these people. It’s not just about standing on this side of the counter and selling paint. They are real people, they are professional, they hire people like yourself. They pay their bills, and as a distributor of paints, when they run a business that professional, then you got to assume that’s how their paint jobs turn out.

They know what they want, they are educated, they are right up on all the eco products. So anyone that would hire these people, it comes with the knowledge …or they come with the knowledge they truly know what they are doing.

Thank you Paul, this type of endorsement is very valuable to us, especially coming from a respected business in the Scarborough Community. We look forward to many years of the same amazing service we have been receiving.

This post was originally published on May 24 2015 and was last updated on February 2 2017.