Have You Seen This Person?

As a painting estimator, I spend the majority of my time driving around and meeting prospects that have shown an interest in our painting services. I encounter many different types of people. My job is to meet with them and sell them on the benefits of using Ecopainting for their paint job. I gather as much information as possible from that meeting and prepare a painting proposal for them, usually within 24 hours.


Then of course it is up to the prospect to accept the proposal (or not) but I make it a point to follow up soon after and see if they have any questions. There are times when I wonder if I should file a missing persons report instead.

Dear person I gave a painting estimate to:

We met. I came to your home/place of work Monday as we had arranged, discussed the painting you had in mind, we walked through all the areas, we exchanged pleasantries and I went on my way. Sure, I told you, it was not a problem to send you your estimate in multiple breakdowns as you requested, to see if your budget would allow you to paint all of the areas you had in mind. I will also have that for you on the same day, as per your request, so you can make your decision by Friday.

Did you get my e-mail?

It is Wednesday and I never heard anything from you, like a “thank you, I/we received your estimate and will get back to you shortly” or something like “ thank you so much for the time you took to separate all the areas into different quotes, we will be in touch with our decision soon.” Something.. Nothing!! Well thank YOU very much. Hmmm..perhaps the e-mail I sent you went into your spam mail, better call you to make sure that’s not the case and you got it okay.

Oh great, I got your voicemail!!

You must be really busy, it’s now Thursday and I never heard back from you, in response to the message I left on your voicemail yesterday. Now I have no idea if you did get my e-mail, or it did in fact end up in your spam inbox. I hope you got my message, perhaps you got back late last night and never got a chance to check your voicemail yet, but it is late in the day on Thursday. I’ll send you another e-mail, just to check, perhaps you have some questions, assuming you did receive my quote and were just swamped and could not get back to me just yet. 

Decision day…

I wonder why I never heard back from you, it’s already 9pm on Friday. Is there a delay with your project maybe? I wish I could know something somehow, anything…so I can either keep your file pending or close it. It would be so nice to work with you. I recall the laugh we had when we met, the stories you were telling me, the things we had in common. It was obvious that we connected very well. Where did you go? Are you okay? So strange I never heard anything back from you.

A couple of weeks later.

It has now been just over two weeks since we met for your painting estimate, during which time I never heard one word from you!! I now start to find this to be so very disrespectful. I know we can not be the right company for everyone, I would have been alright if you had said no to us, but no response whatsoever!! I can’t help but think back to the morning I drove to your place. Do you have any idea how long it took me to get there, for the specific time you wanted. One hour and forty minutes!! You insisted on that day as well, when I mentioned that my appointments were at the opposite end of the city on that particular day and the following morning would have been better. No, you quickly replied, there was no other time for you, that was it, so of course I said yes, knowing that I was going very much out of my way, but it was for a very large project and I had hoped that we would be working together anyway, which would make it worth it in the end.

Now the rant that I am entitled to

I spent just over three hours of travel time, plus the time I spent with you, the time it took to prepare your enormous estimate, not to mention the cost of gas, etc. etc. These are hours of my life that I will never get back!! I appear to be very annoyed, well yes, of course I am. You just went missing, you are nowhere to be found. You completely ignored me and tossed all of my efforts and hard work into the garbage.

Have you ever heard of the words “please” or “thank you”? They are very simple words and they can mean so very much. They are most often used for something that is called “common courtesy.”

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