5 Reasons to Hire Ecopainting (and not the Other Guys)

1. We Care about you and we aren’t just saying that.

Sure, every service contractor promises to “treat your home like it’s their own, blah blah blah…” but we really do care. Caring about the customer is in our company culture. We employ good painters but mostly we employ good people. Customer service is something we train for and something we have practiced daily for years. Hundreds of painting customer testimonials will attest to that.
We care about your family routine. We understand that moving your furniture around, emptying your closets &  kicking you out of your kitchen, bathroom and other spaces is inconvenient (sorry about that).

We care about your schedule and your everyday routine. For that reason we like to work continuously until we finish painting your home. If we are late in the morning we call. If we stay late, we give you lots of warning.

We care about your pets. They are also inconvenienced during the painting of your home. A friendly pet can be a great companion for our painters during the day and we appreciate that. We make sure to keep them away from paint, plastic and other construction materials. (A very playful pet can be trouble around wet paint, as you can imagine).

We care about your belongings. We cover your furniture & your floors, we mask and protect what doesn’t get painted. When all drop-cloths and masking tape are removed, paint is only where it’s supposed to be.

Fabulous Paint Job

2. You should know who is in your home.

You hire one company then that company will send someone else (not employed by them) to your home. Rarely this is a real sub-contractor. Most of the time “sub” is another word for cheap, temporary, not insured, disposable painter. We don’t like this about our industry. Our painters are our “pride and joy’ We hire them carefully, we train them, we watch them grow with us. You the customer will always get one of our best to be in your home. This way when you leave for the day to go to work, you can be 100% confident that you chose the right painting company.

One reason to hire us - our painters

3. We know our trade and coatings

Ecopainting has been at the forefront of our industry for years. Our involvement with Trade Organizations, trade discussion boards and close contact with suppliers such as Benjamin Moore keeps us knowledgeable and up to date with new coatings. Our relationship with well known Toronto designers and colour consultants is a great resource for our customers when it comes to colour.

4. The “Eco” in Ecopainting

Our mandate from the start was to reduce our impact to the environment. Many years later the paints are less harmful and the “Green Painter” bandwagon is crowded. Both of these are welcome developments. There is so much more to being an eco-friendly painting contractor than using the right paints: Responsible waste management, careful specifications, water usage reduction, transportation alternatives, green office procedures etc. When you hire Ecopainting to paint your home, be assured that you have made an environmentally responsible choice.

We care how your home looks

5. The main reason: Your home will look great!

The lines will be sharp, the walls will look smooth. Your furniture and floor will be dust free. It takes a lot of practice, patience and hours of prep work such as patching and sanding to create these beautiful results. Our professional painters are a proud bunch that care about their work, their straight lines and their smooth walls. Which is great for you the customer because not too many things can improve a home like a professional paint job.

For all the reasons listed above and so many more we think that Ecopainting is your best choice when you need a painting contractor for your Toronto home.
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