Questions to Ask Painters

There is an endless list of companies to choose from when it comes to hiring Toronto painters.  There are many of these service providers and deciding the best one to work with may be confusing. Wrong decisions will not only lead to undesirable results, but will also force you to put up with the low-quality paint job since you can’t simply have the whole thing repeated. Here are some of the questions to ask your contractor before deciding to use their services.

The first thing you need to do is find out as much as you can about the contractor and the services they offer. Find out how long they have been operating, their expertise and ask them for references. Good painting contractors will be straightforward when answering these questions and will provide contacts to their previous clients. If you need to check their reputation in the city, google them and check their customer reviews but be aware that the reviews are legitimate.

The next thing you need to find out from the painting contractor is the criteria used when hiring new employees. Are these employees professional painters with experience? Are they hired as full-time painters or do they only come in when there is a job to be done? How strict are they when hiring these painters? What are their standards?  Finding out this information gives you confidence in your contractor.

Are they active on social media? You can find a lot about a painter on Facebook. Along with their reviews, you can check how they interact with their followers and how responsive they are with questions. This will be the quick glance for what they are offering you.

Next you need to find out what areas your  painting contractors specialize in. They can either specialize in residential, institutional or commercial painting. For example, Toronto residential painters work on the more complex projects for homeowners seeking an elegant look for their houses. Some contractors even cater for all these painting needs. However, to be on the safe side, you would be better off working with a contractor specializing in the exact service you are searching for. These ones are more likely to provide you with good services.

You then need to find out how your contractor carries out their work. A good Toronto painting contractor is able to clearly explain the steps involved in painting your home. The right steps usually involve thoroughly analyzing the customer’s painting needs,  meticulously preparing the surface and finally using state of the art techniques to apply the paint on the wall. You need to be comfortable with these processes before choosing the contractor.

The next step involves requesting for references. References give you the opportunity to find out how previous clients felt about the services and whether you contractor’s services are recommendable. You may ask for pictures or even call some of these clients to be truly sure you are working with the right company.

Ask for the necessary certifications and licenses. Many states require all contractors to operate their businesses only after getting registered. These documents are an indication that the contractor meets all the standards when providing services. You can confirm the legitimacy of the documents presented to you by contacting the appropriate authorities. Is the contractor insured and will their insurance agent provide the necessary documents on request? This gives you confidence in the service being provided and you can be rest assured that the necessary steps will be taken if any accidents were to ever happen during the process.

What kinds of paints do they use? The quality of the paint used by your contractor determines how good your structure looks after the paint job. Low quality paint will not only give undesirable results but will also wear out with just few rainy days. The right paint ensures your house looks good and stays that way even after being exposed to the harshest of the elements.

What separates their services from the rest and why should you hire them? Reputable Toronto painting contractors will easily explain why their services are better than the rest. They will easily elaborate on the way they carry out the painting process, the type of paint the use, the type of painters they use on different projects and the speed at which the job is complete. Consumers these days are very knowledgeable and the contractors should satisfy their customers’ needs right from the start.

Finally get more information on their prices. Do not go for contractors with ridiculously low prices as you might not always enjoy the service. At the same time, you need to note the fact that not all overly priced services will give desirable results. Go for a contractor that meets all your needs best and offers their services at a good price.

Working with the right residential painters ensures you are satisfied with the outcome. For this reason, you need to carry out thorough investigation on the company and the services being offered. The best approach would be to leave no stones unturned when getting information. Even if you don’t choose Ecopainting, you taking these steps would ensure that you know what to expect whenever choosing a painting contractor in the Toronto area.


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